Best Respirator Mask For 2020 – Reviews, Comparison And Advice

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If you’re searching for the best respirator masks for breathing that can help protect your lungs from paint, chemicals, mold, dust, and other pollutants, then look no further. Doing specific jobs and activities can be extremely dangerous for your lungs and your overall health, which is why you need to be protected while being able to get the job done without worrying about certain types of chemicals or pollutants. In today’s article, we’ve listed the 10 best respirator mask on the market for 2020 and beyond.

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What to consider before buying the best respirator mask?

After long and careful evaluation on masks and their filters, we’ve decided that each respirator should be judged on its abilities to protect you in the kind of poor-quality air you might encounter in a natural disaster or by working in a heavily polluted area. Here are the factors you need to consider:

NIOSH rated

What that means is be on the lookout for masks that have been approved by the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory. Respirators whose designations begin with an R or P and filter between 95-100% is what you need since they are highly resistant.


Picking the appropriate material is an important aspect for every respirator mask. Most respirators will be made from plastic fibre and synthetic materials. The material itself is not the issue, but the qualities it possesses.

Ease of use & comfort

All respirators should be comfortable enough so that they can be kept on for extended periods of time. Look for masks that you can wear with glasses and that won’t squish your face. You need to pock an item, which is easy to use and won’t create discomfort or twist out of place.

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When you’re deciding on a respirator, pick one that is well-made and isn’t flimsy. You want a mask that will stay in place and protect you from different particles. Choose a product with sturdy straps and body.


Most masks are intended to be reused, which means that the size matter. The better the fit, the proper the respirator will function. You should pick a mask that feels comfortable on your bearskin and doesn’t chafe it.

What Is The Best Respirator Mask On The Market Right Now?

1. NASUM M201 Face Cover

  1. High-Quality Silicone Mixture
  2. Fully Adjustable Strap
  3. Anti-Fog Splashing
  4. Reusable

The Nasum M201 is a half-face cover respirator that is incredibly comfortable and useful. It has a sealing edge, which is made from high-quality silicone mixture material so that the texture provides a soft and convenient wearing feeling. With a fully adjustable strap, suitable for most head sizes, this mask allows you to see everything with a comprehensive anti-fog system. Choosing the M201 means getting the respirator, filter boxes, cotton filters and plastic covers so that you can be satisfied with your purchase. This item is appropriate for many workplaces and situations with long service life because of its reusable design.


  • High-quality silicone mixture
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Anti-fog splashing
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for workplaces

2. 3M Quick Latch

  1. Quick Latch Design
  2. Adjustable Head Harness
  3. Cool Flow Valve
  4. Reduces Fogging

Everyone has a favourite, and ours is the phenomenal 3M Quick Latch respirator with its Quick Latch Design that provides an easy on and off while moving in and out of contaminated areas. This mask has a one-hand mechanism and an adjustable head harness, which maintain a comfortable wearing feeling. 3M has created the Cool Flow Valve, which is used for smooth exhalation while the spandex straps will keep the respirator in place.

You get a product that can withstand high heat environments while providing durability and stability to the user. We aren’t done! The Half Facepiece Design offers a wide field of view, and the Valve cover reduces fogging, making this item suitable for most weather conditions.


  • Quick latch design
  • Adjustable head harness
  • Cool Flow Valve
  • Reduces fogging
  • Resilient silicone face seal

3. LA Respirator 6900

  1. Easy-To-Adjust Head Straps
  2. Reusable
  3. Full Face Respirator
  4. Clear Lens

The LA respirator mask is a remarkably comfortable product, which provides us with a soft, lightweight facepiece and easy-to-adjust head straps that create a secure and stable wear feeling. This is a mask that is typically used for painting, welding, metal and wood-working etc.

It offers a wide field of vision through its clear lens, and that’s why it can be utilized in many different places and situations. You can disassemble the respirator effortlessly so that you can clean and disinfect it, which will allow you to reuse it. LA 6900 one size fits all mask will bring you the need comfort without forgetting to take care of your breathing and the health of your lungs.


  • Easy-to-adjust head straps
  • Reusable
  • Full face respirator
  • Clear lens

4. Trend STEALTH/ML Stealth Air

  1. Low-Profile Ergonomic Construction
  2. HEPAC Pleated Filters
  3. Odor Free & Non-Allergenic Materials
  4. NIOSH N100 Safety Standards

Stealth presents a new generation of half respirator masks that feature a low-profile ergonomic construction with a slim and lightweight design. You receive an excellent all-round vision with ultra-efficient respiratory protection that offers 99.99% efficiency. This mask not only gives us an unobstructed line of sight but with it, you don’t have to worry about any misting or fogging issues.

You get easy-to-replace HEPAC pleated filters that are housed behind hinged grills to protect them from moisture and particles. With a large filter surface on the respirator filter area that allows maximum airflow with less breathing resistance and a more comfortable experience over extended periods of usage. Last but not least, this mask is constructed from odour-free and non-allergenic materials.


  • Low-profile ergonomic construction
  • HEPAC pleated filters
  • Odor free and non-allergenic materials
  • NIOSH N100 safety standards

5. DISKIN Military Spec

  • Full Respiratory Protection
  • Military Grade Mask
  • Clear Lens
  • 6-Strap Head Harness

If you’re someone that appreciates high-quality products, this professional military-grade full-face gas mask is the one for you. Designed by an intelligence officer who has served in both elite combat and special operations intelligence units, this respirator is 2020 dream option. You should always be prepared, and with this mask, you will be ready for extreme threats and contaminated environments.

The premium DISKIN military respirator provides us with impact protection and an incredible range of vision since the entire mask is clear. It comes with a built-in mechanical speech membrane allows users to communicate effectively while the 6-strap harness offers us the perfect fit and exceptional comfort.


  • Full respiratory protection
  • Military grade mask
  • Clear lens
  • 6-Strap head harness
  • Exceptional comfort

6. 3M 7193 Organic Vapor

  1. Half Face Piece Respirator
  2. Organic Vapor Cartridges
  3. NIOSH Approved
  4. Resalable Package

This 3M product is designed to be a truly maintenance-free style respirator at an affordable price. The way this mask works is that when the organic vapour cartridges are spent, you simply discard it. You get a half Facepiece respirator with permanently attached organic vapour cartridges, a pair of filter retainers and a pair of filters.

It is NIOSH approved and can be used well for 40 hours of light solvent filtering work. The 7193 is usually recommended for spray paint applications since they can’t protect you from all chemicals and pollutants.


  • Half Face piece respirator
  • Organic vapor cartridges
  • NIOSH approved
  • Resalable package

7. 3M 8511 Respirator

  1. NIOSH Approved
  2. Cool Flow Valve
  3. Advanced Electrostatic Media
  4. Adjustable M-Nose Clip

The 3M 8511 respirator is part of the Pro Series of the brand and is designed to help bring you ultimate protection and comfort. As the manufactures most popular disposable product, this mask is equipped with a Cool Flow valve that helps reduce heat build-up inside the respirator, while enhancing your comfort during extended periods.

This NIOSH approved item efficiency filters 95% of non-oil based particles and aerosols. It comes with an adjustable nose clip that helps ensure a custom, secure seal with fewer pressure points while the stretchable headbands hold your mask in place.


  • NIOSH approved
  • Cool Flow Valve
  • Advanced Electrostatic Media
  • Adjustable M-nose clip
  • Disposable respirator

8. GVS SPR457 Elipse Respirator

  1. NIOSH Approved
  2. Ergonomic Shape
  3. Wide Field Of Vision
  4. Soft Thermo-Plastic Elastomer

GVS presents the Elipse mask range, which shows innovation in respiratory and function. These masks are comfortable and light, while their ergonomic shape and low-profile filter design offer the user a wide field of vision. When you choose this respirator, you get a product that fits perfectly to the shape of your face, without hindering you in any way. 

Made from a soft thermoplastic elastomer that is hypoallergenic, this respirator is NIOSH approved and has a low breathing resistance which reduces the risk of user fatigue and discomfort.


  • NIOSH approved
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Wide field of vision
  • Soft thermo-plastic elastomer
  • Adjustable head band

9. Dustproof Face Cover Zelbuck

  1. Dual Filtration System
  2. Food-Grade Elastic Silicone
  3. Two-Fold-Elastic Headbands
  4. Wide Application Range

Zelbuck is a professional half-face cover that uses a dual filtration system to provide comprehensive protection effectively. This respirator mask is made from food-grade elastic silicone material which offers a comfortable feel on your skin while the two-fold-elastic headbands keep it in place.

Easily adjusted, this respirator is light to the point in which you will forget that you have it on. With an item like this, you get a wide application range in which the dustproof mask can be useful and beneficial for your health. The Zelbuck is a reusable mask that can turn out to be reliable against organic vapours, gases as well as particulate matter.


  • Dual filtration system
  • Food-grade elastic silicone
  • Two-fold-elastic headbands
  • Wide application range
  • Half-face cover

10. RANKSING ST-AX Respirator

  1. Dust-Proof Respirator
  2. High-Quality Rubber
  3. Dual Filtration System
  4. Wide Application Range

Ranksing dust-proof respirators are made from high-quality rubber, which is durable and hypoallergenic. Not only that, but it is also easy to clean and very comfortable to wear. Since this is a full-face mask, it can also protect your head and hair by effectively reducing the wearing pressure, and achieving a perfect seal.

This respirator has a dual filtration system that reduces breathing resistance while providing a wide range of applications. The ST-AX Respirator comes with a reusable design but without frequent replacement so that you get a longer service life of the product.


  • Dust-proof respirator
  • High-quality rubber
  • Dual filtration system
  • Wide application range
  • Reusable design


Care and maintenance?

Typically, cleaning and disinfecting consists of taking the respirator apart. After that, you have to wash it, disinfect it, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry. Once it has dried up, you can put it back together. Keep in mind that respirator masks must be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent them from becoming unsanitary. If multiple people wear the same mask, make sure to disinfect and clean it before every use.

What types of respirator masks are there?

There are numerous respirator masks on the market today, which is why we’ve tried to separate them in different groups so that you can find what you’re looking for with no effort:

respiratory mask

Full-face masks

These masks protect your entire face from contaminants. They require maintenance because of their cartridge systems, but they will protect you from acids, gas fumes or chemicals that are hazardous. 

Half-face masks

Usually, half-face masks are used for a specific type of contaminants that can range from acid, gas fumes or other chemicals. Most half-faced masks are disposable, but you can find ones that are reusable and offer replaceable cartridges.

Single strap masks

We don’t fully consider those masks to be respirators since they aren’t NIOSH approved. They are also known as comfort masks but keep in mind that the protection they offer is minimal.

gas mask

Dust filtering masks

Designed explicitly for particles, which are mainly mists and fumes depending on the type of dust mask. These respirators are NIOSH approved, but they are indeed disposable.

Air-purifying masks

This type of mask works as a filtering system that blows air into a hood or helmet system, and the positive pressure blows out the openings below the face.

Self-contained masks

These are self-explanatory, considering they supply air through tanks, which are worn by the user. Typically they are used in life dependent situations so that you can breathe safely.


Is n100 mask better than n95?

When we talk about respirators, there are two different classifications, which are used by the letter and the number they provide. The options for letters can be N, R, or P, and the number options are 95, 99, or 100. Any combination is valid, depending on the use of the respirator.

However, the number shows the percentage of filtration, which means that the n95 is the weaker choice. The n100 is reliable and can filter oil and non-oil particulates, making it more suitable for long periods of time.

How many times can you wear n95 mask?

The National Institute of Health recently did a study in which they say that you can reuse an n95 mask up to three times. However, if you do reuse one, you have to make sure you use a cleaning method with which you will successfully and effectively disinfect it. Be considerate and careful while cleaning, so you don’t damage the seal and fir of the mask. No matter what way you choose to clean your n95 mask, after the third wear, you should dispose of it. 

Are respirators better than masks?

This is a question that can have a different answer depending on the specific environment in which you will need the protective gear. For example, masks are typically used to prevent contamination of the work environment or a sterile field from large particles. They are also utilized to help reduce the risk of splashes or sprays of blood and fluids from reaching your mouth and nose to limit the spread of infections.

However, respirators are designed to reduce the wearer’s respiratory exposure to airborne contaminants such as particles, gases, or vapours. When you’re deciding on one, you should pick a respirator that will suit your needs. Always choose ones that provide a tight seal with which you will receive the needed protection.

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How long can you wear a respirator?

If you want an honest answer, there is no way of determining the maximum possible number of safe reuses for respirator masks, since the safe reuse is affected by several variables, which can impact the respiratory function and contamination over time.

The advice we can offer you is to check the manufacturer you’ve purchased your mask from since they might have specific guidance regarding reuse of their product. Make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in danger be reusing it too many times and reducing its functionality.

Final Words

After long and careful consideration we’ve tried to select the best respirator masks which you can use to help you breathe safely whenever dealing with contaminants or other harmful chemicals. If you’re working with pollutants, taking care of your health and more specifically, your lungs is crucial. When you’re relying on a respirator mask, make sure you’ve picked the appropriate one for your needs. The mask is one of the most important things in your preparatory arsenal so be sure to read the article once again to make the best choice.

As per usual we’ve tried to cover the subject thoroughly, but if you have any more questions, you are more than welcome to ask in the comments below.