Home Security For Preppers – How To Protect Your Home In an SHTF Situation?

Jeremy Bowyer
Written By Jeremy Bowyer

Jeremy Bower is a generational survivalist and expert outdoorsman.

For ages, humankind has been trying to build a home that will keep them safe, from caves to castles to bunkers, humans have continuously tried to do better. Depending on your location and situation, you might want to protect yourself and your loved ones for a different reason. However, the one thing that everyone has in common is the need to prep. Regardless of the threat, everyone wants to protect their home from those who mean harm. In today’s article, we will discuss home security prepping and how to protect your home in an SHTF situation.

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Firstly you need to acknowledge that every residence can бе overrun given the right tools and motivation, but what you can do is make it harder for them, so they don’t even try. There are so many simple things that will improve the safety of your home that you haven’t even thought of before. Some of these ideas are going to be from the perspective of a post-SHTF type of scenario, and others will be to prevent burglars and thieves from entering. If you’re someone that wants to know how to prep for an SHTF situation and protect their property and family, continue reading.

How To Secure Your Home From Intruders And Unwanted “Guests”?

An essential part of your preparedness efforts should include fortifying your home against thieves and burglars that may pose a threat after disaster strikes. Disasters will either bring out the best or worst in others, and that’s why you should be prepared for as many situations as possible.

To be able to secure your home, you need to protect your family first. Then secure the resources you have accumulated to care for your loved ones. Never forget that you’re prepping so that your family is safe, and they are your first and most important priority, valuables come after. With that said, don’t make your home so secure that even you aren’t able to escape during an emergency. Being safe doesn’t mean turning your home into a fortress. Next, we will look at changes you can make to your residence to improve your protection. Explore these countermeasures with us and determine what works best for you and your property.

What countermeasures should you take to protect your home?

Securing your residence is best accomplished by adding layers of protection. If someone wants to break into your home, there are ways they can achieve that. Our goal isn’t to withstand a military assault but to make your home less desirable for anyone who may want to cause harm or steal valuable resources. To do so, you must prep well and create something people will avoid breaking into and simply skip to the next house.

Have multiple locking mechanisms

Door Locks

Having multiple locks means that if someone tries to break in, they will need longer to do so. Yes, it is annoying to carry various keys on your chain, but why make it easy for the bad guys? Deadbolts are essential, and the more, the merrier. When deciding on a lock, you should choose one that will be difficult to pick.

Reinforce your doorframe

Having a good lock means nothing if your door frame is weak. What we mean by that is even if you have multiple locks but your structure is flimsy, breaching won’t be that difficult. Some people won’t even need tools to break down the door with a hit from a shoulder. Investing in a high-quality metal frame is just as important as the lock itself.

Add locks to your gates

Padlock Gate

If you put a lock on your gate, people won’t be able to just walk in without any effort. Plus, the time they’ll need to break the lock or jump the fence might be enough for you to notice them and do something about it.

Don’t leave your keys in “hidden spots”

Don’t leave your keys under floor mats, door frames, or inside fake rocks. Thieves are smart and creative, and they will find all your hiding places when locating a spare. Having an extra key is useful, but you have to find a way with which you are the only one that can get to it.

Key Safe

If you decide to install or use safe boxes, try to keep them out of sight, at least not visible straight away from the street.

Don’t punt name or/and address on your keys or key tags

Most people think it’s useful to have your name and address on your key ring so that if you end up losing keys, someone can bring them back to you. What you’re forgetting is that the wrong people might find them. This means you will get robbed or hurt without them even breaking in since they will have the means to walk right into your home.

Have outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

You don’t have to spend a fortune on lights. Even solar ones will do the job and light up your property. However, if you can afford it, choosing motion lights is your best option because they will startle unwanted company right at your door. Which, in some scenarios, might prevent a robbery or another situation from occurring. 

Get a good alarm system

You don’t need a state-of-the-art security system to feel protected. You want a loud alarm that will signal when someone tries to invade your property. Pick a system with a blast that goes off so that you can hear it even when you’re sleeping, and so can your neighbors, which in most cases, will scare off any intruders.

Get an alarm for your driveway

Depending on your property’s size, you might want to install an alarm system inside your home and on your driveway. Most thieves won’t expect that part of your property to have an alarm, which means they won’t necessarily be cautious when walking by, and the system can surprise them, avoiding the break-in.

Keep your vehicles locked

Car Security

So many people don’t lock their vehicles when parked on their property, which is a green light for a burglar. Always lock your car and don’t leave any visible valuables inside so that they don’t have a specific reason to try and steal your vehicle or break into it for something. Cars aren’t as secure as you think, even smart ones can be broken into, so you should be more careful.

Get a dog

Dogs are not only part of your family, but they can also be a significant warning system. Even if they don’t scare the intruder, you will be able to hear that you have unexpected company and signal the police. They might be the reason a thief looks elsewhere and not at your home.

Consider securing your mailbox

Secure Mailbox Locked

Don’t leave your mail because most thieves will take that as an invitation and think you are out of town. Not only that, but what if they see an important piece of paper that can fall into the wrong hands? Don’t risk a break-in because of some bills, and invest in a PO Box.

Get to know your neighbors

We are all members of a community, and whether we take advantage of that or not is our choice. If you get to know your neighbors, they might have your back in case of a crisis. Just say hi every once in a while and send them a friendly smile. If you can join in on some community activities, it will help as well since you’ll get to know more of your neighbors. Don’t be the person who doesn’t get invited to the block barbeque.

Reinforce a room  

Preparing for worst-case scenarios can save your life, that’s why having room to hide in if someone tries to break in or a catastrophic event occurs is a great idea. You can have a safe room built or replace your bedroom door with an exterior one so that your unwanted guests need a lot longer to break in.

Secure your valuables

Gun Safe

Having a gun safe, for example, which can protect your firearms and valuables, can be very useful. You shouldn’t forget that some thieves might just take the safe with them, that’s why you should have it bolted down. Finding an excellent hiding spot for it is a great idea as well, so they don’t even see it. This way, your documents and most prized possessions will be safe and sound.

Don’t keep cash just lying around

Everyone wants to have some cash stashed around the house in an emergency. It would be best to put them in your safe or a good hiding spot, but never leave them lying around your home. If someone sees cash on the counter from your window, you might attract some unwanted attention.

Have planned hiding spots

You never know what can happen at any given time that’s why being ready is always needed. If you have a couple of hiding spots for ammo, firearms, and other possessions and an emergency occur, you can have quick and easy access to them in different places on your property. 

Secure sliding glass doors and windows

Sliding Door Locks

You should block the track of your sliding doors every night before going to bed since their locks are very easy to force and break. Another weak spot is your windows since everyone can break them and reach to unlock them after. To make it more difficult for intruders, you can invest in a metal grid.

Don’t overshare

Bragging about your property and valuables can attract the wrong attention. Use some common sense and don’t overshare because being naïve might put you and your family in danger. You have to realize that living a flashy life is not always a good thing.

Let someone know when you’re going away

Letting know some of your neighbors that you’re going away is essential. If someone tries to break in while you’re away and the neighbors see the lights on, they can signal the authorities and prevent a robbery. Your best option is to tell someone you’re close to, just to make sure.

Build a fence


Take the extra steps towards making your home safer for you and your family by getting a fence. You don’t have to pick the most expensive option or do the whole thing at once, but if you live in an urban area, you might want to build a taller, more formidable fence.

Keep Your Serial Numbers And Receipts

Most expensive items come with serial numbers on them. By saving the numbers, you can ensure that if any of these products are stolen and in a pawn shop, the police can find them a lot easier and quicker, and maybe you can get them back.

Final words

You don’t need to make your home a fortress. You have to present it as less of a target than your neighbor. Spending a fortune on home security isn’t necessary, you have to pick and choose your battles and decide on the one that will benefit you most. Be prepared and protect your family and estate. If we are completely honest, if someone wants to break into your property, they will find a way to do so. But what you can do is make it harder for them so they decide to avoid it because it’s not worth the risk.