Hi, my name is Jeremy.

I founded Prime Survivor to help people just like me and you stay prepared, become self-dependant, get off-grid and even be ready to protect yourself and your family in case of an emergency, natural disaster or simply when the poo hits the fan.

Be the poo be political instability, mass destruction or even war, I want you to have the skills and the tools to survive anything that faith throws your way. Not only survive but flourish and embrace the new world order. That unless Skynet takes over, then we’re all …well…screwed.

I’m a native of Florida where swamps, alligators and fishing boats are plenty. That’s where I was thought to love the outdoors and that love never faded. We used to take our boat out every weekend, fishing and enjoying the good times with my dad, who is an ex-marine if an ex-marine was ever a thing. He thought me how to fish, camp and stay alive in difficult circumstances.