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Nowadays, we are living in times where you cannot predict what can happen to you at any given time, so having a way to protect yourself from danger is a must. For a man, a concealed carry holster or proper gun belt is something easy and comfortable to carry, but for the average woman, this is not the case.

There is an excellent way to carry a gun, though, and this is trough a concealed carry purse. Down below, we will be looking at what exactly is a concealed carry purse, how to find the best concealed carry purses for you, and some amazing examples you can buy today.

But Why Not Just Use The Handbags And Purses You Already Own?

This may seem like a good idea, but ‘clutter’ and natural weapon movement could cause you problems. If you just place your gun in your standard purse, you may not be able to actually find it when you need it the most, and that makes it useless.

Natural movement can also be an issue. This applies if you do not have a large enough, separate compartments inside your bag for weapon storage. By placing it loose in your purse, it will move around as you carry it. I shouldn’t joke with this, but in the end, this will result in you pulling out a comb rather than a gun, and that can cost your life.

So carrying a gun in a normal purse is risky, we got that right. But what exactly makes a concealed carry purse so special?

Concealed Carry Purses And Handbags

Opting for a specifically designed concealed weapon purse or handbag is the way to go. This way, you will have the confidence that when you need the gun, you will be able to find it easily.

The best-concealed carry purses for women come in a wide range of styles and designs. You can choose concealed carry purses that hold handguns, gun concealed carry purses with a velcro holster inside, concealed carry handbags, and even design in between. The options are so varied that finding the model for you won’t be that hard.

Best Concealed Carry Purse For Women Buying Guide

As I’ve mentioned above, one of the best things when it comes to concealed carry purses is the various designs and form factors that you can choose from, and there is a product out there for you. But to help you out a little bit more, we will be looking at all the factors that make up a concealed carry purse and why they are so important.


The majority of purses with a gun pocket are made from either real or synthetic leatheр, though nylon and denim can be found easily if you are after something that looks a bit different.

When it comes to leather, you need to decide: Is the ‘real’ feel and style of 100% leather for you or is PU leather your preference. The real deal will cost more but has qualities many prefer. As for PU leather, you will find a good selection of cheap concealed carry purses made from this synthetic leather.

The best choice for the average person is a combination of PU and genuine leather that combines sturdiness with a good look and feels at a reasonable choice. Though this is a pretty serious choice, it won’t make a huge difference in the long run.


Let’s get this straight; size doesn’t impact things as much as you would think.

When it comes to the best-concealed carry purses for women, think about the number of everyday essentials you like to carry. Let’s say that you are the type of woman that carries her cosmetics with her and you need a bigger bag to get all your stuff – you shouldn’t conform to size, because at the end of the day the gun compartment is just an additional feature to an already nice purse or a bag.

To simplify things, search for a bag or concealed carry purse similar in size to your current bag, this way, you will have not only space for your gun but for your essentials too.

Straps, handles and carry style

As with the other two options, there are many different styles, from fixed straps to removable and adjustable ones that can be either carried as a handbag or on your shoulder. The flexibility is a very important thing here because one of the most important things when it comes to concealed carry is to carry your firearm comfortably. So either tote style, or over the shoulder, you should adapt to YOUR preferences.

Security and safety

While we are on the topic of straps, do you need slash-resistant straps? If this is a feature that will help you feel safer, then go for it. Dependent upon the environment you are in, slash-resistant straps can be an important consideration. The real consideration though is:


Only you can decide on how important a lockable concealed carry purse is. This choice will be made on the basis of your daily routine, but one thing is for sure – if you have small children, you should definitely have a lock on your gun concealed carry purse. If you do choose to have a lock, you should definitely look for a model that supplies at least three keys, one for you, one for your husband, and one to stay at home.

Ambidextrous Use

This really applies to ‘lefties.’ There is a very reasonable choice of ambidextrous easy access concealed carry purses out there. There are definitely more right-handed bags out there, but if you do draw with your left hand, you can rest assured that there is a bag out there made for your style.

The actual gun compartment

Let’s face it, fashion, style, space, and comfortable carry are what you are after from any purse. But, the real reason you are looking at a concealed weapon purse is to carry a weapon that is concealed!

Check such things as holster availability, velcro lining, or ‘straps’ and the actual gun compartment size, with the last one very dependent on the size of the weapon you will be carrying. Either way, you should adapt your concealment purse or bag to your gun, not the other way around.

You should also look into how much exactly the purse conceals said weapon because after all, you buy it for that. To abridge it, you don’t want a large bulge in the shape of a gun, giving you away.

What Is The Best Concealed Carry Bag On The Market Right Now?

Now that we’ve looked at all of the important factors you will be looking for in a concealed carry bag let’s actually look at some models that you can buy right now, and that will be perfect for almost any lady out there.

1. Montana West


1. Ambidextrous Bag
2. Detachable Velcro Holster
3.  Zippered Center Compartment 
4. 100% Genuine Soft Leather

This bag from Montana West is ambidextrous, so its both Righty and Lefty Friendly. It comes with a detachable velcro holster secured by Velcro, a double zippered center compartment to hold your gun holster safe and secure in case you need it, and it will fit almost any gun and holster combo.

It is made by 100% genuine soft leather that is not only nice to touch, but also to look at. Its oversized main compartment holds your everyday essentials, and the two inside pockets can be used for easy access to a cell phone or makeup. A zippered pocket is there to securely hold valuables, including money, credit cards, and/or license. The bottom of the concealed carry purse is protected by four metal rivets, so it is durable too.

It is classy, large enough to carry almost anything, durable, and modular – the perfect bag for someone who wants functionality and clean design.

3. Travelon Concealed Bag


1. Tamper-Secure Zippers
2. Left to Right Reversible Holster
3. Gun holster is Secured to The Wall
4. RFID Protection

This concealed carry bag from Travelon comes with a front compartment with tamper-secure zippers and left to right reversible holster, resulting in a secure and easily accessible gun compartment. The Gun holster itself is secured to the rigid back wall of the compartment for a fast and secure draw.

The main compartment is big enough for an iPad, its soft line, and has RFID protection, to keep all your valuable information safe. Overall, for its price and features, this bag truly compares to every other competitor on the list.

3. Browning Concealed Purse

  1. Clean and Attractive Design
  2. Ambidextrous Holster
  3. Adjustable Leather Strap
  4. Quality Faux Leather

This concealed carry purse is available in two sharp-looking colors (grey and black), and it has all the features you’d expect from a Browning purse. This is another purse that is great for a right, left, or cross draw. The leather strap is adjustable and removable, so customization will be as easy as pie.

The purse has a wide base, with overall dimensions of 9.5 by ten by 3 inches, so you won’t have to get frustrated about it falling over, and there is plenty of space for all your valuables and everyday essentials. It has a lockable holster that can be reached from the left or right side for quick access to your firearm, and it adds another level of security to ensure that no one can access your firearm but you.

With its quality faux leather and wide base, a lockable holster, and clean and attractive design, this purse has all the features that you may want, but in a different form factor that can appeal to all sorts of women.

4. Montana West Handbag


1. Western Style Ladies Purse 
2. Handgun Compartment Back
3. Top Zipper Closure
4. Three Inner Compartments

From Montana West, we have another western style ladies purse with a concealed handgun compartment on the back that has a rather bold design backed up with a nice set of features. Made with high-quality PU leather and tooled genuine leather, a center flap cover over to the front of the purse, decorated with silver studs, you have one extravagant but still attractive purse.

The bag comes with a top zipper closure and a center flap with magnet snap closure, one open pocket, and a zippered pocket, the actual gun pocket. On the inside, we have three inner compartments with a zipper enclosure for the middle one, two open pockets on one side and a soft lining for a quality feel, not only on the outside.

The leather concealment purse has two large handles to accommodate for its size, and with its many features and an outstanding aura around it, this is surely a different choice for the women that want to stand out.

5. Justin West American Albino


1. Sugar Skull Design 
2. Top Zipper Closure
3. Gun Compartment at the Back
4.  Cell Phone Compartment

This bag has an interesting sugar skull design and features plenty of additions that make it a trendsetter in terms of fashion and also in keeping your firearm safe and accessible. It has a top zipper closure without multiple pockets inside the bag. The concealed compartment is located at the back of the bag with a cell phone compartment and two magnetic side pockets if you still need some additional storage.

The purse is definitely made to stand out, making you the trendsetter of the party without drawing too much attention, and managing to conceal your weapon excellently, so we don’t have a case of style over substance.

The purse has plenty of room to offer. It has multiple pockets inside, a phone compartment at the back, and magnetic flap pockets on the sides. And the best thing is that it manages to have all this space without looking too oversized and.

Overall, for its price, you get a great bag with plenty of space and a conveniently concealed compartment to keep yourself safe at all times.

6. Browning Alexandria


1. Concealed Carry & Stylish Look
2. All Sides Access to the Gun
3. Removable Locking Holster
4. Reasonable Price

Another purse from the usually gun associated company Browning. This model here is another excellent combination of concealed carry and a stylish look. With their decades-long experience in making guns, they sure do know how to make a place to store said guns.

If you’re looking for a little larger purse with lots of storage space, this is a good option. It has a wide base, so you won’t have to worry about it falling over if you set it down, and it has space for both a larger gun and all your essentials at the same time.

One downside of this purse is the straps aren’t long enough for most women to carry cross-body, so if you plan on carrying your purse that way, you may want something else.

The purse’s key features, like the single access zipper compartment, the dual side and top access to the gun compartment, the removable locking holster, and the wide base design constructed of very soft faux leather all makeup for the little disadvantage that ist the fact that the purse cannot be carried cross-body. Overall, this purse is a truly excellent piece of equipment.

7. Bulldog Cases Tote Bag


1. Red or Blue Stripes CCW Purse
2. Color-Matched Removable Holster
3. Casual Look
4. Easy Draw

This is a rather cute striped red or blue CCW purse that can really fool anyone that the person carrying it is totally harmless. It looks cute and innocent, which is exactly what you want for a CCW purse!

This package is also inclusive of a color-matched removable holster optimized for small framed compact pistols and revolvers that easily fits into the gun pocket. The holster is an excellent addition that results in a faster and more secure draw that makes this purse a contender for one of the best.

So for a cute and casual look during a nice stroll in the park, but with a fiery twist on the inside in the form of a compact firearm, this purse is perfect.

8. Browning Ashley


1. PU Leather
2. Double-Layered
3. Rich Color and Smooth Feel
4. Detachable and Adjustable Holster

Yet another, and even not the last product from Browning on our list, the Ashley Purse keeps the company tradition in making the best there is when it comes to firearms and their accessories. From the outside, we have a nice PU leather that is not only double-layered for extra durability, but it has a rich color and smooth feel that makes the bag a stylish and functional accessory.

The main compartment is accessible through a secure lockable zipper with a hidden key ring that keeps your gear safe and ensures secure access to your firearm or valuables, and the aforementioned secret keyring makes sure they can’t be noticed easily. The side compartments have strong magnets, thus being less secure but much more easily accessible.

Thus, we end up with an attractive leather purse that has a detachable and adjustable holster that makes it a versatile and beautiful accessory for every lady.

9. Browning Sierra


1. Over the Shoulder Carry
2. Hidden Keyring System
3. Quality YKK Zipper
4. PU Leather

The last Browning Entry on our lest and the penultimate entry is very similar to the last one, the Siera CCW Purse. While on the outside, Ashley does look more attractive, both purses are essentially the same, with the main difference being that this one is more crossbody orientated while the last one is over the shoulder.

It has the same secure hidden keyring system, a quality YKK zipper for the main compartment, and a PU Leather making the other shell giving a practical but stylish design for both formal and informal occasions.

10. Lady Conceal


1.  Soft and Supple Faux Leather
2. Durable and Attractive
3. Leather Key Strap
4. Wallet with RFID Protection

This bag is the epidemy of good looking CCW purses, with a soft and supple faux leather exterior that is rich with strong contrasting colors resulting in a beautiful purse with two as good looking braided handles that are durable and attractive at the same time.

While the company’s name is a little bit on the nose, the interior surely isn’t. It has two large open slip pockets in the front and a zippered pocket, a large open compartment, and a leather key strap in the back with a strong and secure magnetic closure.

When it comes to accessories, the bag offers a matching in design wallet with RFID protection that is followed with a universal and adjustable holster that is ready to protect and carry all of your firearms. The back CCW compartment has ambidextrous access, and the zipper closures are equipped with amazingly durable YKK zippers.

This big and beautiful leather bag is an excellent last entry to our list, and if you want something bold and different but modern at the same time, this will be your best option.

Tips When Using A Concealed Carry Purse

Now we could end here, but let’s first look at some tips for women that are just getting into CCW carry and need some tips for better efficiency.

1. Carry Cross-Body When Possible

While crossbody may not be the most comfortable style of carrying, the fact that the bag has more contact points with your body means that it will be much harder to steal, and thus safer.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice… With Proper Technique.

Practicing with proper technique will allow you to react instinctively when a situation arises that you need to draw your gun, so having the muscle memory of just drawing your gun as a reflex is a must. Even the most trained soldiers practice all the time, and they just get better and better to react faster when an emergency arises.

3. Track Your Progress

Get yourself a friend and a stopwatch to record your draw time and push you to be better and better, cutting down on reaction and draw every time you do it.

4. Don’t Tell Anyone You Have A Firearm

The element of surprise is the key advantage of concealed carry, and you should never lose your cool by giving away that you carry a gun with you. Waiting until the target is off guard and the drawing you gun as fast as possible will be countless times more effective than just shouting, “I have a gun.”

Most days, firearms are stolen not by thieves or during a break-in, but rather by a family member or a friend who knows the location of your gun, so if only you know, you will always be ready to use it when needed.

5. Know Your Rights And Wait For A Lawyer

If a situation arises where you had to fire your weapon, be polite to Police and first responders, but don’t say too much until you have a lawyer present. Make sure you have your weapon holstered, so Police and others don’t see you as a threat. Once Police arrive on the scene, your hands need to be as far as possible AWAY from your firearm, and you should notify them of your firearm immediately.

Make first responders as comfortable with you as possible and remember that they don’t know who the threat is upon arriving. A firearm in your hands with someone shot in front of you looks awfully suspicious to people that didn’t see the action so quickly defuse any doubts without hesitation.

If Police begin to question you, the best option is probably to just say you were scared and used your weapon for self-defense, and that you plan to cooperate fully, but you would first like a lawyer.

Remember that the only instance where using your gun is appropriate is in defending your life in the face of danger, not if someone annoys. Having a gun is a right but a responsibility too, and you need to know how and when to use it.

6. Brush Up On Self Defense Tactics

Having a firearm on you is great, but in some cases, you could get jumped unexpectedly. Knowing a little bit of CQC can save your life in an emergency where drawing your gun is not an option.

Taking a CCW class that gives you a permit for carrying is a must even in states that don’t require a permit because in these classes you will learn not only how to properly handle a gun, but also a situation.

7. Consider Carrying A Non-lethal Self Defense Weapon Like Pepper Spray

Having a bottle of pepper spray in your concealed carry purse is also a good idea. Not all circumstances justify lethal force, so having a non-lethal weapon isn’t a bad idea. There are also knives and teasers you can choose to use instead as well!

8. Practice Situational Awareness And Go With Your Gut

This seems simple, but paying attention can really pay off. If you notice something out of the ordinary or get a bad feeling about someone or a certain area, the best thing to do is avoid it. It’s amazing how our instincts can clue us in if someone or something is dangerous.

purse for revolver

9. Always Know Where Your Gun Purse Is

The major downside of concealed carry purses is women often set them down, say in a shopping cart. This can allow others to get to your gun if you’re not paying attention and creates another thing to think about during a draw situation.

10. Practice Proper Weapon Safety

Make sure you learn the fundamentals of shooting before you begin carrying a gun. There are basic weapon safety rules everyone should know before carrying a gun. If you draw your gun and are not properly trained, you could possibly make the situation more dangerous for yourself.

That sounds kind of scary, but carrying a gun is a big responsibility. A lot of countries don’t even trust their civilians to carry a weapon, so take it seriously! That said, if you’re properly trained, concealed carrying is a great way to protect yourself and your family.

Remember that carrying a firearm is a massive responsibility, and although it is a right given to you by the US Constitution, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on the proper way to handle a firearm and when to use it.

Using a firearm improperly can not only lead to murder and/or manslaughter, but it also leads to the further destruction of good people’s rights in the future.

11. Relax And Be Confident

After practicing your skills at the range and becoming familiar with the gun you intend to carry, try to relax and be confident. Concealed carry is proven to deter crime. It’s very unlikely you’ll ever need to draw your weapon, but if something does happen, you’ll be very glad you took the time to prepare.

There is an old well known saying, “the best camera is the one you have on you.” Well, the same goes for purses, the best concealed carry purse is the one you are actually willing to carry and have on you. So, make sure you find a purse you actually like rather than the one you think is the most functional.

If you have any comments, questions like if you’re model of the gun will fit in a specific purse, and you can ask me below or reach out to the manufacturer.

Let me know if you’ve had a good experience with any of these purses or if you think there is one that I should add to the list.

Final Words

At the end of the day, whatever you choose, having a CCW purse is a must in the dangerous world we live in nowadays. Be it a crossbody, and over the shoulder, a purse or a bag, resting assures that there is something to protect your life is invaluable, so choose one of the best concealed carry purses and bags here and be confident that you are safe.

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