The Best Boot Knives To Buy For Every Day Carry

Jeremy Bowyer
Written By Jeremy Bowyer

Jeremy Bower is a generational survivalist and expert outdoorsman.

Boot knives can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s important to know what your needs are so that you’re purchasing the right knife for you. If you need something simple and small that will be quick to deploy in an emergency situation, then a boot knife might just the right option for you. But how to choose one and what are the best brands and models on the market today?

That’s the question we’ll try to answer in this article so without further ado, let’ see what are the best book knives on the market today:

1. Gerber Ghostrike – Our Best Choice

Gerber Ghoststrike

Gerber’s Ghostrike is, in our opinion, a top-quality knife. The 6.9″ blade is skeletonized, and it has a full tang fixed blade. The blade itself is 2,5 inches. It is small and easily concealable, and the blade is made of 420HC steel. The Goststrike comes with a well-built handle, whose design is created for stability and comfort at the same time.

The handle helps the knife stay lightweight, as it’s made of diamond textured rubber. The handle has finger grooves, which allow you to be flexible and stable, whilst using it. The Gerber Ghostrike comes with a nylon sheath, as well as an ankle wrap, for easy carry and it’s hard for it to fall off due to its locking mechanism which creates resistance and keeps it in place.

Don’t be fooled, as this locking mechanism, doesn’t make it more difficult to take the blade out when necessary. Furthermore, the ankle wrap is lightweight and comfortable, so you shouldn’t worry about a lack of understanding between the two of you. It’s created for your comfort.

Ghoststrike weighs 3.6 ounces, and it has a black ceramic coating, which fights wonderfully against corrosion. Gerber helps you always stay prepared, and it’s a blade you can trust. Every part of this weapon is designed and manufactured in the States. Therefore you know that it’s a quality product before buying it. In case you’re worried you might not like the knife, Gerber has taken care of this by proposing a lifetime warranty, and they will take care of you if any defects arise… Which is highly unlikely.


  1. Small and Comfortable
  2. Lightweight: Good For EDC And Survival
  3. Top Quality Ankle Sheath
  4. Cool & Tough Design


  1. It Might Be A Difficult Grip, For Bigger Hands
  2. Rubber Handle Might Not Be Everyone’s Favorite

2. Rothco Raider II – A Knife Worth Considering

Rothco Raider II

The Rothco Raider II Boot Knife is an optimal choice for anyone who is looking for simplicity and ease. It can be easily carried in the boot, due to its simple and tasteful design, which allows exceptional comfort.  The handle is extremely comfortable in hand and doesn’t create any pain or discomfort after longer use. Furthermore, after testing Rothco Raider II we can attest to its durability, as it is much more than expected.

The leather sheath has a secure clip, which allows it to fit perfectly to your boot. A knife is a fantastic option as it is affordable, however, the only downside is that upon delivery, it needs sharpening. So, if you haven’t thought about acquiring a sharpener before, you might do so now. Rothco`s Raider weighs 4.8 ounces, with a 3-inch stainless steel blade and overall measure of 6.5 inches. The handle of the blade is made out of metal, which for some might not be the ideal option, as it could slip.


  1. Secure Sheath Clip
  2. Maximum Durability
  3. Affordable Option
  4. Comfortability


  • Doesn’t Come Sharpened Upon Delivery
  • Could Be Small For Some

3. SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Snarl 2.3"

The SOG is a full tang blade, which can be used as a tactical, hunting or everyday knife and it comes with a sheath! The full length is 4.3 inches, with the blade 2.3 inches long and weight of 1.9 ounces.  It’s a fantastic choice as it is made of 9CR18MOV stainless steel and it has been satin-polished. Furthermore, it is designed to be discreet and hardly destroyed, so it can become one of your most trusted companions.

The SOG comes with a kydex sheath and a utility neck chain. The knife is easily clipped, due to the design of the sheath and the handle and if you wish to carry it around your neck, have a go! Jason Brous created a multi-grip design with an oversized blade ring finger choil, a ring pommel and a jimping, which gives you a variety of grip options and makes this the best tactical choice.

The sheath and clip allow for easy carry in the boot, as well as easy reach and take-out whenever necessary. SOG advises you to take care of your blade, as the more you care for it, the longer it will last. However, should you have any issues with the blade, feel free to contact them for repair or replacement. The SOG lives in Seattle , therefore you can trust that it has been manufactured by professionals. The SOG shape allows for easy sharpening, as well as cutting with a superior tip control.


  1. Light and Easy To Carry
  2. Durable Design
  3. Perfect Symmetry
  4. Tactical – Hard To Pull Out Of Your Grip
  5. Comes with a Ball Chain and Sheath


  1. Stainless Steel Handle – May Feel Slippery For Some
  2. Too Small For Some Tastes

4. Smith & Wesson SWMPF3BR 9″ Fixed Blade

Smith&Wesson SWMPF3BR

The Smith & Wesson tactical knife is a fully reliable blade which you can depend on for anything. With an overall length of 9 inches and a blade length of 4.6 inches, it might seem bigger than most, however, don’t let that worry you. The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel, which promises incredible strength and durability.

The handle is black and rubberized, which promises easy fit inside anyone’s hand. Furthermore, Smith & Wesson has thought it all through by adding a leather boot or belt sheath, which makes the blade easy for everyday carry and helps you trust that you will have protection in any situation. For further preparedness, S&W features a jimping and a lanyard hole, as well as additional security brought to you through the finger guards.

The knife isn’t extremely heavy with its 3.5 ounces and if there is a surprising situation and you’re not satisfied with your blade, Smith & Wesson offer a lifetime warranty.


  1. Spear Point Shape
  2. Two-Part Study Grip System
  3. Strength and Durability


  1. Requires Sharpening Upon Delivery
  2. Might Seem Large For Some

5. Kershaw Secret Agent – 4007

Kershaw Secret Agent

The Best Boot Knife on our list would have to be the Kershaw Secret Agent. It’s a fantastic piece; however, bear in mind that it has a larger blade which is 4.4 inches long. The blade is coated with black oxide, which makes it look black, and it benefits from incredible strength as well as rust and corrosion protection. The blade’s steel is 8Cr13MoV, which is not uncommon for knives, as it is a durable material.

Furthermore, the Kershaw Secret Agent is easily sharpened, and it seems to be immune to damage, even after longer use. The handle is made from synthetic polymer; therefore, it is also strong and durable. It can live through many complex daily and survival applications, and it’s created with exceptional comfort in mind, as the handle is extremely easy to hold. 

It also has a sheath to carry it in, so it can easily go inside your boot, and it’s not too heavy at 3.52 ounces.


  1. Practical Boot Knife
  2. Black Oxide Coating
  3. Strong & Durable
  4. Survival & Everyday Applications
  5. Non-Slippery


  1. Rubber Handle Might Be Annoying For Some

Important Information

The term ¨boot knife¨ began its journey in America at a time when heavy violence was not a misevent. It was a sight seen daily; however, guns were not as reliable due to the fact there was a bigger risk of explosions. Men began placing their knives on their leather boots, which might have seemed convenient because of the capability of hiding a weapon.

boots and Sheath

Therefore, boot knives are, from their birth, directed for self-defense. Hopefully, none of us will ever be in a situation where we need to defend ourselves from assault; however, they can be incredibly handy for other purposes as well. Bare in mind that depending on the state you live in, the legality of boot knives might differ, as well as the sizes, shapes, and styles of the knives.

Depending on your intentions for the knives, some knives might suit you better than others. For example, if you wish to use the blade for self-defense, we’d advise you on taking a smaller one which isn’t as flashy as others. If, on the other hand, you want to use it for general utilities, a larger, more traditional one would be a better choice for you.

Surely, there are knives that are in-between, neither small nor large and they can be meant for various purposes. All of this depends on what you’re looking to find in a knife and before you go for the purchase, you probably want to know how to choose the best one. So, let’s have a look.

How To Choose A Boot Knife?

Surely, finding the ideal blade to suit you is going to take some time. There are a series of things that you need to consider – the manufacturer, the size, the model. Many people tend to trust established, centuries-old companies, however in our opinion that isn’t always the best bet. Sometimes companies that have once been great, have become less great with the time that has passed.

How to choose a booth knife?

Therefore, we advise you not to rush when buying a boot knife but have the knowledge it requires first. That way, once you receive the package and open it, there is a smaller chance of disappointment. That’s why after a lot of thought and consideration, we have created a little guide to assist you on the path to your purchase. Let’s see the things you must consider while shopping for a boot knife.

What Size Should I Choose?

In the world of boot knives, there a various available size and the perfect size is different for the different people. The smaller sized knives are for people who wish to use their blade mostly for self-defense. This is required in situations which are extremely important as your life many times depends on the personal level of protection.

Larger ones aren’t as popular as they aren’t practical, however that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful. The larger the blade is, the more features it has, which isn’t possible for smaller ones. Furthermore, the smaller knives, despite their size, aren’t as easy to hold as larger ones, due to the size of the handles.

What weight to choose?

As you might already know, the weight of the boot knife is incredibly important, as it is a piece which will be carried in your shoe for a whole day, or even weeks. The most popular boot knives are the once which weigh no more than two-three ounces. For the knife to be so light, it must be made from high-quality materials, instead of the cheap materials found in many products nowadays.

Steel and plastic knives are much lighter than the cheaper alternatives on the market. Therefore, we advise you on going for one which is lighter and not only easy to be put inside a boot. Don’t expect it to be weightless, as that is not yet possible.

What Is The Most Comfortable Handle?

The handle is one of the most important features you must consider when choosing a knife. The best handles are ones that fit nicely in the palm of your hand and are comfortable for quick grabbing. You should pay attention as most handles are different from one another. It’s not uncommon to find similarities, however it’s usual to see huge differences from handle to handle.

Some handles are short as they are meant to fit easily inside the boot and in our opinion the smaller the handle is, the better. That doesn’t mean there are any large sized handles they are created for easier hold and some say they are safer to use. It’s not uncommon to find handles that are not as traditionally shaped as others, and if you see such a knife be aware that it’s a specialized one.

military boot and blade

Furthermore, the handles of boot knives are generally made of plastic, unlike the common conception that they would be made of wood. There are exceptions, however, the wood handles tend to be heavier and they aren’t as compact.

What about blade design?

The blade point design of boot knives is easy to spot as they are different than your usual kitchen blade. The most common design has a spear point with a double-sided straight edge, which is similar to the saber’s design. The reason for such design is that boot knives’ first and most important reason for creation was self-defense.

Even though we don’t praise human harming, spear-pointed blades are good for stabbing and piercing the “enemy.” Unlike in the past, on today’s market, you can find a huge variety of blade designs, as people today use this weapon not only for self-defense but for many other reasons.

How To Use A Boot Knife?

As we have touched upon the main features of the useful boot knives, we would like to share with you that despite the heavy boot knife history, today’s uses of boot knives is different. Yes, you can use it for self-defense as our predecessors did, but you can also use it for many other things, especially in the wilderness.

dirty boots and a blade

To be honest, if you are looking to buy a such thing, you have already used your imagination and have an idea of what exactly you wish to do with this weapon. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten knives we have tried and chosen to put on our list of exceptional blade products. And let us hope you like them as much as we did.

How To Carry And Hide A Boot Knife?

The simplest way to carry it is by using a string or the specialized sheaths that come with most knives. Most commonly, we use both the sheath and a string if we don’t have any clips to attach to the boot. So, after you choose the best place on your boot (which is usually on the inner side of the shoe, or whatever feels more comfortable, simply tie it a couple of times with the string. A knot is always a good idea and if you will be walking for a while, make sure it doesn’t rub into your foot or ankle.

Tactical boot knife

How To Maintain a Boot Knife?

Most people don´t use their boot knives as often as they think they would. However, if you will be carrying a boot knife, you need to make sure it´s always in prime condition. In order to do that you would need a sharpening stone, which are not expensive at all, and keep it on you at all times. Sharpening the blade is not difficult at all, especially with a sharpening stone. However, maybe test it a few times to make sure you won´t cause yourself any injuries while on the go.

Why Should I Carry a Boot Knife?

Generally, most people have a boot knife in order to protect themselves. In this day and age, it’s risky to carry a firearm, and that’s why most people tend to go for it. Furthermore, it serves many other purposes and not only self-defense. You could cut chords, trees and branches, and food, you could even use it for hunting. The reason people carry a such things on themselves at all times is most commonly – self-defense.

Are Boot Knives Legal Where I Live?

Each American State has individual laws, as well as federal knife laws. In every local government’s website, you can find information on the geographical law for blades carrying. If you check this website, you will find the up to date info for your state.

Are Boot Knives Practical?

Overall, boot knives are the most practical self-defense weapon you could have, as it is easily reachable. Furthermore, over the years boot knives have evolved and are being used for a variety of uses. However, that knives are generally a practical tool to have, especially if you see yourself as a survivalist.

Final Words

We have come to the end of our story, however, it has been an incredible pleasure for us to test different boot knives and see how we feel about them. Hopefully, our reviews will help you with choosing the best boot knives that are ideal for either tactical or bushcraft purposes. If you still aren’t sure, we think you should go for the old-school, wooden handle Schrade Old Timer.

You cannot go wrong with this one and it comes with a lifetime guarantee in case you aren’t happy with it, and we hope this won’t be the case! Just remember, to pick a spot on your boot, which wouldn’t hurt your feet and legs whilst carrying the boot knife.

Take Care!

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