101 Ways To Use Duct Tape For Survival

Jeremy Bowyer
Written By Jeremy Bowyer

Jeremy Bower is a generational survivalist and expert outdoorsman.

We have to be honest, guys, a couple of years ago, we didn’t know that duct tape could be so useful. Now, after so many diverse experiences, we have come to the knowledge that there are many different ways you can use duct tape. When we think about it, it seems insane that we didn’t know some of the places duct tape can be useful.

And since it took us a lot of time and experience to figure it out, we thought, why not write an article about the hundred ways in which duct tape can be used in a survival situation? That way, you will be able to find everything you need to know about duct tape in one place. And if you stock your survival gear with a couple of rolls of duct tape you will be calmer when a situation occurs because you can use duct tape for many functions. 

Duct Tape 101

What do you know about duct tape? What do you really know about the origins of duct tape? The more information you have about an object, the more useful the object becomes for you and your daily life. That’s why we’re going to get a bit more personal with duct tape and make it our best, most functional friend. 

duct tape numbers

Duct tape is a cloth-backed, waterproof, strong adhesive tape usually coated with polyethylene. We aren’t exactly sure where the birthplace of duct tape was, as there are a couple of theories. Some say that duct tape was invented during World War II due to the need of the U.S. Military for some strong, waterproof tape. They needed something durable to take on the field, and that’s when Permacell created the first duct tape.

Why the name? It originated from ‘duck tape’ because of its waterproof ability, similar to a duck’s back. Another theory is that duct tape originated due to heat-related issues in common society. During the mid-twentieth century, central heating was starting to be used, and for isolation purposes, aluminum ducts were installed in separate rooms of a house.

That way, heat could be distributed along the rooms. However, the aluminum ducts weren’t useful in preventing leakages, and something stronger was needed. And duct tape was created to avoid leakages and breakages in the heating systems. 

We aren’t sure where the truth is here; however, we do think both stories reflect the abilities of duct tape to assist in any situation. It is a pretty cool material, but make sure you don’t expect miracles from cheaper versions of duct tape – rely on the ones builders would buy. Without further ado, let’s get to the 100 things you could use duct tape for.

1. Make A Drinking Cup

As funny as it may sound, you can create a temporary cup to drink water from. We do not advise you to rely on this tactic forever, as you probably won’t have an infinite amount of tape. Duct tape is thick, which makes it effective for water drinking – it will hold the water despite the weight. Here are the steps to making the cup:          

  1. Cut 2-foot-long strips and stick them together. (with patience)
  2. Cut 2-six-inch strips and stick them together.
  3. The longer piece is the cup’s body, create a circular form, and stick the two ends of the tape.
  4. Adjust the body of the cup to the six-inch strip, which you can attach by a couple of smaller strips, which would make the cup stronger.

2. Duct Tape Belt

If I had known I could make a belt with duct tape when I was a kid, I would’ve had so much fun – arts and crafts for survival. Nevertheless, a belt could be extremely important and useful while in the wilderness. That’s why we believe it’s a good skill to acquire for situations where a belt gets broken and can’t be fixed. And let’s say that you could entertain a child in this manner. Let’s see the steps to making a duct tape belt.

  1. Measure the size of your belt or the person who needs a belt.
  2. Measure and cut the same length duct tape strip x 2 and stick it together. 
  3. Create symmetrical holes through the length of the strips and leave a place for tying the belt.

For stronger belts, use an extra layer of duct tape.

duct tape thumb

3. Temporary Shoelaces

Duct tape shoelaces can stand for longer than you might think! If you have no paracord in hand, duct tape can easily replace it. Temporary or not, being able to make shoelaces with tape is one thing that will keep your mind peaceful for a problem you didn’t even consider. While it might seem a little bit tricky at first, making them is much easier with a bit of patience and precision. Let’s see how it’s done.

  1. Measure your shoe or perhaps the out-of-use shoelace.
  2. Cut a piece of duct tape with that length. 
  3. Cut that piece into two separate pieces. (Not in half, but along the length of the tape.)
  4. Fold the pieces in two so that they stick to themselves. 

4. Make A Blanket

No, it will not be a blanket made solely from duct tape. However, the duct tape is what is going to make the blanket. In a situation where you’re out in the wilderness, and you can’t create enough amount of heat for your body, you can rely on the things surrounding you to craft a blanket. That’s where the duct tape comes in. You cannot cover your body with leaves and expect them to warm you. However, you can use duct tape to accumulate enough material to create warmth. Let’s see how to do that.

  1. Gather thick leaves, newspapers, and unnecessary pieces of clothing and envision the blanket. 
  2. Slowly start sticking pieces together with duct tape on the bottom and the top of the pieces.
  3. Once you have a larger piece, make sure there are no holes in the structures to avoid cold.
  4. Finish the blanket by taping the edges for extra blanket safety.

5. Make A Hat

Hats are necessary to protect your head from both cold and hot weather. If your head is not protected, it can lead to health issues, which is never desirable. That’s why if, for some reason, you forget to grab a hat when leaving your home, try and remember as quickly as possible to create a hat so that you don’t have to worry in the long run. It’s easy, and it doesn’t require too much messing around. Let’s see how it’s done.

  1. You can use thicker cloth, plastic, or leaves to create a cap the size of your head.
  2. Line the created cap with duct tape, smoothening it out, so it doesn’t scratch your head.
  3. If necessary, insulate the inside of the hat with an additional material layer.
  4. You can play around with the creation of the hat, or you could just keep it simple!

6. “Sew” Torn Clothes

If you don’t have a sewing kit handy or you don’t have the time in hand to sew torn clothes, duct tape is a reliable tool that can assist you. Even though it might seem silly, duct tape can be extremely useful and create additional comfort instead of annoyance. If you have a more serious tearing situation, duct tape can be used for that as well.  

  1. Measure the affected area of clothing.
  2. Cut two pieces of clothing, which are the size of the tear. 
  3. Stick the two pieces on both sides of the tear, ensuring they are symmetrical. 
  4. If it’s a bigger tear, ensure the duct tape is one with healthy fabric so that a bridge can be created. 

7. Shorten The Length of Your Pants

If it’s hot and you’re not prepared, you can shorten the length of your pants by simply folding them up and keeping them still with duct tape. Then you will be able to feel the breeze and lower the temperature of your body.  

8. Patch Your Rain Gear

If your raincoat has been in an unfortunate accident and has been torn, you can patch it up with a couple of pieces of duct tape. There are many ways in which you can do it effectively, therefore free your imagination and allow it to do the work.

duct tape gloves

9. Sew Your Pockets

A little strip of duct tape can go a long way if your pocket has been torn. Duct tape will hold your pocket steady for as long as you need. Check it once in a while to see if it needs replacement.

10. Fix Boots And Shoes

We all know that no matter the quality and expense of a shoe, it just doesn’t last for long. All types of situations might occur that tear your shoe or make a small hole, and that’s that. When you’re in survival mode, you probably won’t have the opportunity to get your feet in a new pair of shoes. That’s why you need to look for alternatives, and in this case, duct tape is your best friend. Let’s see why.

  1. If the sewing of the bottom of the shoe has been torn, you can stick the shoe by putting rounded duct tape between the sole and the shoe’s body. 
  2. If you have a hole, you can insulate the shoe by opening it up, wherever possible, and sticking duct tape on both sides of the hole. It is waterproof.
  3. If there is a tear in your boots, you can rely on duct tape to save the day. 
  4. You can create additional layers, which could always come in handy.

11. Make A Food Pouch

At some point on the journey, we all realize that we should have brought a cotton bag to carry plants and food in. It is even on the list most of the time; however, it is the last thing on our minds, and we often think we can get it at the last moment. Well, after all, we are only human, and we can make mistakes. That’s why, if you ever come to the stage where you need a pouch to carry supplies, here’s how you can do it using duct tape.  

  1. Grab an old t-shirt, scarf, thick tree leaves, or a few layers of paper. 
  2. Interlay the materials in such a manner that a sizeable bag would look like. (depending on the material.)
  3. Tape the necessary areas with as many layers of duct tape as needed (don’t go crazy here, you only need a little.)
  4. Make pouch handles at the desired length by sticking duct tape pieces together and sticking them to the pouch itself.

12. Fix The Strap Of Your Backpack

If you experience the breaking of the strap of the bag which holds all your survival gear, don’t go into panic mode. Use duct tape to secure the strap. Be patient and make it as comfortable and strong as possible. Replenish if necessary, and don’t go crazy by using serious amounts of duct tape, as it’s stronger than you think.  

13. Insulate Your Shoes

If you haven’t supplied yourself with top-quality prepper shoes, there is a slight chance you will get colder in the winter. Even on chillier nights, your feet might be experiencing uncomfortable sensations due to poor quality. Don’t worry, as we have a budget plan to keep your feet warm and happy. Let’s see how.

  1. Take out the insoles from your shoe or boot and measure them. 
  2. Grab the duct tape and cut 4 identical pieces. 
  3. Stick 2 pieces on each insole with the silver side up to reflect body heat. 
  4. If necessary, adjust the width of the tape with the help of small scissors. 

14. Support Feet While Walking/Climbing/Hiking

Apparently, human beings are extremely strong; however, rough conditions can take a while to get accustomed to. Therefore, situations occur where small injuries are created around the feet and ankles due to over-exhaustion, scratchy surfaces, and the like. You can avoid these pains through a little bit of precautionary taping.   

  1. Tape the soles of your feet to avoid unwanted blisters. 
  2. Put a small amount of tape around the fingers on your feet to avoid wounds.
  3. Wrap your ankles with tape to avoid fraying.
  4. Use layers where needed, however, be careful and don’t tighten the tape to avoid stopping the blood flow.
duct tape repair tricks

15. Make A Rope

If you don’t have a rope or paracord in hand, however, you need to use rope for some reason, you can create it with duct tape. Luckily for us, duct tape is strong enough to hold the weight of a human being without tearing. Therefore, if you need a quick escape plan, you can rely on duct tape to get you out. The process is simple.  

  1. Tear out as much tape as necessary, or let the roll do the work. 
  2. Spin the length of the tape in circular motions until it seems like a spiral.
  3. If necessary, stick the top of the tape rope to your starting point to get down safely. 
  4. If you wish to create a lasso-like tool, you can use more duct tape and attach it together. 

16. Make A Spear

It is very likely that you will come near a pond or a water source where you can get fish from. Should this be your situation, you could easily create a spear with which you could source nutrition. It doesn’t take long, and you could make it anywhere in the world if you have a knife. Let’s see how it’s done.

  1. Grab a knife that is not too big to attach to a pole or a tree branch.
  2. Look around for a thick tree branch that would be appropriate for use. 
  3. Clean the tree branch and make it safe for holding without causing hurt. 
  4. Attach the knife to the tree branch using duct tape. 

17. Make An Arrow

If you have never been interested in archery, your inner Katniss Everdeen definitely comes to the surface once you’re in the mighty forest. And while it’s not as tense as the Hunger Games, it could come down to life or death situation where you need to source some food. We advise you to know your surrounding so that such a situation never occurs. If you need to make an arrow, here’s how to do it.

  1. Find a small tree branch and strip the edge with a knife to make it sharp. 
  2. Cut two identical five-inch pieces of duct tape. 
  3. Place one piece facing up and attach the wood vertically, leaving some space at the top.
  4. Attach the other piece of duct tape on top of the wood so that the two stick together, and cut some of the duct tape to make it triangular. 
duct tape reprair

18. Make Animal Snares

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you can skip this one, as it is directed at the lions amongst us. It might seem funny that duct tape could actually be a useful hunting tool; however, it is the truth. If you know your surroundings and have gotten acquainted with the behavior of wildlife, you can use tactics to catch certain animals. We don’t advise you to try to catch anything that you cannot handle.  

  1. Get acquainted with the animals in the area and get an idea of sizes and preferred locations.
  2. Choose a couple of locations where you believe an animal could be caught. 
  3. Position duct tape (sticky side up), however, do not rely only on one piece. It might not work.
  4. Leave some food to lure your prey.

19. Make A Sheath for Your Knife

If you have a knife or a set of them, and you are carrying them without extra protection, you could cause an injury without meaning to. Therefore, you might want to be more cautious and make something without too much hassle and get it off your mind. Luckily, we’re here to help you design a cheap knife sheath.  

  1. Get ahold of a sizeable piece of carton, if you have more knives, supply an extra carton.
  2. Measure the sheath to be the appropriate length for the size of your knives. 
  3. Stick the two ends of the cardboard with a piece of duct tape.
  4. Wrap the cardboard with a layer or two of duct tape for additional comfort. 

20. Blackout Your Windows

It’s the middle of 2020, and we already don’t know what to expect. After you read this, it will surely pop up in your mind if you ever have to go into hiding. Blacking out your windows helps you become invisible to the world. People don’t tend to look at places that seem to be abandoned. That’s why it’s good to have it as an option if the case asks for it.  

  1. Get ahold of as much tarp as you can find, or use garbage bags.
  2. If you don’t have anyone to assist you, prepare a number of duct tape pieces.
  3. Attach the material to any area where light might come from. 
  4. Make sure the tape is well attached so you can’t be noticed.
duct tape

21. Seal The Windows

If there is a natural disaster taking place, such as a hurricane, you can add an additional layer of protection to the windows of your house. It won’t ensure ultimate safety; however, it will help and might even save your life. It’s really simple and doesn’t require too many materials.

  1. Depending on the window size, cut different-sized pieces of tape.
  2. Stick two pieces of duct tape in the form of an X on your window.
  3. Add additional layers for further safety.
  4. The duct tape will make it harder for the window to burst.

22. Avoid Leaving Tracks

If you are afraid that someone might be following you, there is an easy way to stop leaving mud tracks and make it easy for them. If you are running away or trying to escape, we advise you to take this measure as soon as possible on your journey. Don’t run too fast as the body’s weight leaves tracks from it, pushing for the next step.

  1. Measure the length of your shoes or boots.
  2. Cut two identical pieces of duct tape.
  3. Stick them to the bottom of your shoe.
  4. Adjust the width wherever necessary with a small knife or scissors. 

23. Mark A Trail

Another point of view would be needing to alert the surrounding authorities of your presence in the area if they cannot find you. This tactic could be used in emergencies or even if you are on a simple trip and you’re worried you might get lost and not find your way back. If you have colorful tape, that would be great. However, the grey tape can be reflected by the sun, so it is also useful.  

  1. Tear medium-sized pieces of duct tape.
  2. Position them not too far from each other, perhaps a few meters, so that you don’t waste tape but create a trail. 
  3. You can leave messages on the tape if you find it necessary. 
  4. Don’t worry too much, and try to enjoy the journey.

24. Create Improvised “Snow Glasses”

If you have forgotten to bring some type of protective glasses on the journey, or you had bad luck and they got broken beyond repair, you could use duct tape. It is far from ideal, and it is only a temporary measure; however, it is a good way to protect your eyes from getting hurt by the snow. Snow can be very harsh on the eyes, and it is vital to keep your eyes healthy!  

  1. Measure the size of your head using your arm and the size of your eyes using your finger.
  2. Cut one whole length of duct tape and create two slits for your eyes to see from.
  3. Or cut two separate pieces of tape and place them over your eyes. (With holes to see from.)
  4. Be careful when removing, as you don’t want to hurt the area.  

25. Make A Candle

If you need some more continuous light sources, you could create a candle using duct tape. It will not last forever; however, it will hopefully last you for as long as needed. Consider the size of the candle when making it for ultimate comfort.

  1. Roll the duct tape into a makeshift candle.
  2. Make it as thick as you desire.
  3. Duct tape is flammable. However, you could slightly moisten it to aid the length of time it can be used. 
  4. You could use a small stick to help you if you need to carry it around. 
car repair duct tape

26. Make A Fly Trap

Flies and bugs can become a very annoying issue while in the wilderness, so if you don’t have anything to assist you, you can use duct tape. All you have to do is cut a few pieces of duct tape and attach them around your camp. You can also make them more desirable for insects by adding a flower seed or two. They will stick to it, and if you’re lucky, they will stay there.  

27. Pad Knees And Elbows

There are times when our knees and elbows require additional support so that they don’t get scratched and hurt. The elbows can be a little bit more sensitive, as the knees are used to a certain amount of stress. Duct tape can help in this situation, as you can create pads to keep your knees and elbows from scratching.  

  1. You can stick a couple of layers of duct tape to the areas to create a pad.
  2. Or you could tear a piece of cloth and stick that with duct tape to the elbows or the knees.
  3. For additional support, you can rely on thick leaves, as they would keep the area moisturized and aren’t too easy to pierce.

28. Repair Your Tent

In some conditions, especially if the tent is not known for its materials, it could get pierced through. In such situations, you could do two things instead of getting worried.  

  1. You could put pieces of tape on both sides of the tear.
  2. You could sew the tear and then provide extra protection by taping both sides of the tear.
duct tape on a pencil

29. Fix A Broken Water Bottle/Bladder

No matter what water tool you have to carry water, you could get into an unfortunate situation where it either gets torn or broken. If this happens, don’t panic immediately, as there is something that can save the day. You could bandage your water carrier with a little bit of duct tape, and you can apply a couple of layers if necessary. It won’t last forever, but you can replenish the duct tape every few days to ensure there is no further damage.

30. Start A Fire

It is weird thinking about starting a fire using duct tape. However, some techniques are much weirder, but what matters is functionality. In this case, duct tape could support you if you are out of matches or your lighter doesn’t work.  

  1. You will need some magnesium shavings to assist the duct tape.
  2. Simply fold some duct tape around a piece of wood and use the magnesium to start a spark.
  3. After you have started a spark, use duct tape and wood to make it bigger.

31. Signal For Help

As previously mentioned, duct tape is a useful tool for getting noticed. Therefore, if you are experiencing an emergency and you’ve inconveniently lost hold of a whistle, you can use duct tape. Ideally, a few colors of duct tape would work best. However, if you only have one kind, that is fine, it could also help you get noticed. You could write S.O.S, or you could create some message, whatever is easiest for you at the time. After that, you have to leave it up to fate. Unless you’re fatally injured, try to keep moving – it will create a bigger chance to reach a place where people reside who can help you.


32. Make Handcuffs

The situation where you would need to hold a person hostage is not very likely to occur. However, you don’t lose anything by being prepared for unexpected happenings. If you don’t have handcuffs, duct tape will help you tie a person if needed. You probably know this if you have watched enough action movies – tape is a pretty strong tool, despite its low price.

33. Make A CPR Mask

We strongly advise you to stock your emergency gear with some type of CPR mask. If, for some reason, you forget to do it or your mask gets damaged, here is how you can create a CPR mask using duct tape.

  1. Measure your face using your hand.
  2. Cut a piece of duct tape of accurate size and fold it in half.
  3. Make a small hole in the middle of the mask to pump air through.

34. Fix A Flat Tire

If you have a bugout vehicle and you have a flat tire and no spare, use duct tape to hold the air from coming out. It is not a long-term solution; however, it will help you until you figure out your next steps. It can also be used on bicycle tires.  

35. Bandage Your Broken Boat Or Canoe

Don’t forget that duct tape is a great alternative, however it is temporary. Therefore, if you’re experiencing scratches and holes in your boat or canoe, duct tape can be useful as it is waterproof. However, it will only last for so long. The great thing is, you can do it while you’re in the water!

duct tape shoe repair

36. Organize Your Survival Gear

By putting pieces of tape on the different sets of survival materials, you can easily organize your gear. That way, you will be able to acquire whatever you need with ease and without any confusion. Simply place pieces of duct tape on certain gear and label it.  

37. Make A Sling

There are various types of things duct tape can help you with; however, first aid might be the most important on the list. Therefore, we will start with a tool that would be very useful if you have a certain type of injury with your arm. A sling will help stop the movement of the arm and aid with faster healing, and avoid further injury. So, let’s see how you can make this sling.

  1. You will need a larger amount of duct tape, so we advise you to measure the full length of your arm and cut duct tape double the size.
  2. After you have cut the duct tape, fold it in the middle and stick it to itself.
  3. This would be the strap of your string, use some cloth, tarp, or material to create the sling.

38. Create A Splint

Similarly to your arms, if your leg or ankle is injured, it needs to be stabilized for you to be able to continue walking. Therefore, if you don’t have a splint in your first aid kit (which you should), you could create a splint by yourself using a couple of materials.

  1. You will need something to use as padding to put on the injury, anything softer would work.
  2. You will need a stick or a board of some kind to keep the leg straight.
  3. You need duct tape to keep the splint in place.

39. Take Care Of Blisters

If you have a blister on your feet, it could turn into a nightmare, especially if it’s in more uncomfortable places. You can take care of your blisters by placing some cotton on them, desirably disinfecting them, and taping it over with a bit of duct tape.

40. Make A Bandage

If, for some reason, you have lost hold of any bandages and you need them badly, you can use duct tape. Similarly to the blister control, you would need a soft material like cotton, tissue, or a paper towel to cover the wound. Always clean the places to avoid infection. After you have placed the material, use duct tape to keep it in place. Don’t make it too tight or too loose, find the balance.

41. Make Butterfly Bandage Strips

All you need to do to create butterfly bandage strips are cut two pieces of duct tape that are of the same size. You place them as an X across the wound, then cut one smaller piece across the center. Easy-Peasy!

42. Wrap A Sprained Ankle

You can wrap a sprained ankle with duct tape, however, make sure that it isn’t too tight so that you don’t stop the blood flow to your feet.  

43. Create A Tourniquet

A tourniquet stops the blood flow through compression to avoid excessive bleeding. If something like this happens, it’s good to know how you can improvise a tourniquet using duct tape. You will have to make your duct tape into a little rope/ cordage and tie it where the affected area is. To tighten the tourniquet, a stick would come in handy so that the tourniquet is tight enough to be effective.

duct tape peaces

44. Remove Splinters

Without a doubt, splinters can be the smallest nightmare for a survivalist or prepper. Actually, for anyone! And it’s pretty cool when you realize that removing a splinter doesn’t need to take minor operations and a lot of attention. All you have to do is apply duct tape and use it like wax. Pat the affected area and pull the duct tape in the direction opposite to the direction of the splinter. Voila! You have ridden yourself of this worry with ease.  

45. Pull Out A Cactus (or any) Spine

Similarly to the way you would remove splinters with duct tape, you can apply the same tactic to cactus spines. They are the worst!  

46. Transport Injured People

Interestingly, you can create a field stretcher to transport injured with duct tape. If it’s impossible to carry someone from point A to point B, you can get two branches, even out their size, put them against each other, and either:

  1. Use solely duct tape to make the body of the stretcher.
  2. Use a tarp of stretchy materials that would hold a person and hold it together with duct tape.
  3. Make sure the body is big enough to hold the whole body of the person.

47. Support Broken Ribs

Ribs take a while to heal, and while this is understandable, sometimes you don’t have enough time to sit quietly and heal. Therefore, if you need to move and need something to support your ribs, all you must do is put a shirt on and wrap your ribs with duct tape several times. Always be careful about blood flow.  

48. Create An Eye Patch

If something has hurt your eye and doesn’t function properly and needs protection, you can achieve that by making an eye patch. That can be done in two ways.

  1. Place some cotton on the affected eye and put some duct tape. That will keep it dark and allow for healing.
  2. Create a removable eye patch by using some card and taping over it while also creating the handle by measuring your head and cutting duct tape the appropriate size. You can tape the handle to the body and remove the eye patch whenever necessary.
duct tape classic

49. Remove Warts

If someone catches this virus, we know it’s not great. However, you can place some tape to cover the affected area. Wear it continuously for up to ten days, you can replace it when it gets wet. The tape will smooth out the virus after some time, and no further infection will be caused.

50. Attach Gear To Your Backpack

If you don’t have enough space or someone isn’t capable of carrying their gear, you can improvise. Use duct tape to create a rope you can tie or stick to your backpack. After you have done so, hang as much gear as you can carry to your survival backpack. Don’t carry too much, as your body can only carry so much gear. You aren’t Hulk…or are you?

51. Protect Your Food from Animals

Some animals can jump high, which is only effective to some extent. However, by creating a rope, you can hang your food on the trees so that you avoid it being stolen by the animals in the wild.  

52. Dry Your Clothes

This is very similar to the one above. You will create a hanger by making a rope from duct tape, which you can then spread between two trees and dry your clothes whenever necessary.

53. Hang A Lantern

Lanterns are great, however, sometimes you need just a little more light. This can be achieved by placing the lantern somewhere higher. You can secure a lantern to a tree – either tape it or create a little rope to hang it too!

54. Improvise Shelter

You can improvise shelter if you haven’t prepared yourself. It is definitely a fun experience as you are in survival mode, and you see all the things that you are capable of. You will need a base and something to hold the base stable so that you aren’t sleeping on the ground. You will need some flat boards. However, you can use branches as well. All you need to do is envision it and tape it together. If you aren’t the arts and craft type, research how you can effectively create an improvised shelter.

office survival supply

55. Build Your Own Kayak

Building a kayak is similar to building an improvised shelter. Not only will you feel as if you’re in a movie, but you will be super proud of the work done. Duct tape will be extremely useful as it’s waterproof, however, make sure the kayak is secure enough to hold for as long as possible without breaking.

56. Reseal Food Containers

If you have food containers and some leftover food, you can use duct tape to keep them closed, so they stay fresh for longer. It’s pretty straightforward!

57. Make A Hands-Free Flashlight

When it’s dark, and you aren’t able to hold a flashlight, you can do two things:

  1. You can create a rope from which the flashlight can hang.
  2. You can tape the flashlight to the top of your hat, so it’s fully useful and out of the way.

58. Camouflage For Survival

There are situations where you need to go in hiding, so it’s good to have green or brown duct tape to assist you on this journey. You can either tape your clothes and gear, or you can tape your tent, whichever works for you at the time. Consider supplying yourself with neutrally colored duct tape for experiences like this.

59. Keep Tools Together

If you have a set of small survival tools and want them to be in one place for easier reach, you can tape them together with duct tape. It’s easy and reliable and gives you a sense of organization.  

60. Improvise A Potholder

If you are handling hot pots and need something to hold them with to avoid a burn, you can make one yourself using duct tape. Don’t tape the pot’s handle, as duct tape burns. However, you can use a tarp or any cloth to create a holder with duct tape.  

61. Temporary Tent Zipper

In case your tent zipper breaks, you can create a temporary zipper by using duct tape! Don’t rely on it for too long; however, it will keep the tent closed.

62. Fix A Broken Window

You can use duct tape to secure any broken pieces and make a window whole again.

duct tape for windows

64. Leave A Message Or A Note

As weird as it may seem to have to leave notes while in the wilderness, weird things always happen. If you are ever in a situation where you need to leave a message for someone, use a Sharpie and some duct tape. You can write the whole message on a piece of tape, or you could write letters on separate pieces to make it stand out.

65. Create A Temporary Shelter

You can create a temporary shelter using materials you already have in your bug-out bag. (Hopefully!) To create an impromptu roof, you can combine a couple or a few garbage bags and hold them together with duct tape. This can also be used as a wind cover or a sleeping bag cover!

66. Keep Your Sleeping Bag Fluffy

Unfortunately, sleeping bags tend to break in the wilderness, and you can wake up surrounded by feathers. If this occurs, don’t despair, use some duct tape to secure the rest of the feathers inside the sleeping bag!

67. Repair The Seats Of Your Bug-Out Vehicle

In the situation where your car seats have a hole or a tear, you can fix it by using some duct tape to patch it up!

68. Temporary Repair Of Leaking Pipes

In case your pipes begin to leak and you have no way of giving them a proper fix, you can still fix them temporarily. You must dry the area around the leaking pipe (do not run water while fixing) and apply duct tape to the PVC pipe. The stronger you make the “bandage,” the longer it will hold.

69. Patch Your Vinyl Siding

As we all know, the breaking or damaging of the house siding can occur at any time of the year. Therefore, if you are having this experience, you can patch up your siding by using duct tape. Just make sure that the siding is dry before patching it up!

70. Splint a Broken Pole (Tent/Fishing)

Accidents happen, and if a pole of your tent or fishing pole breaks, you can continue using it by attaching a stick to a certain place through the use of duct tape!

71. Seal Ammunition Boxes

Protect all your ammunition from moisture and damage by sealing the boxes with duct tape.

duct tape seal

72. Create A Pandemic Seal

If a deadly virus is in the air (Can you imagine?), you can seal a room – its doors and windows by using layers of duct tape! Be sure to take extra care if you’re using duct tape in such a manner to be happy with the result!

73. Make Shoes

If, for some reason, you have lost hold of your shoes, you can create a temporary pair of sandals or “shoes” by using cardboard material and duct tape. Use your imagination and taste – they won’t be the most comfortable. However, they will keep your feet protected.

74. Open A Jar

If you have a jar of food and can’t open it up due to lack of strength, do the following:

  1. Stick duct tape on the lid of the jar, allowing it to hang loose as a “handle.”
  2. Use the “handle” to pull the duct tape off the lid. Voila! Enjoy your meal!

75. Create A Boat Paddle

You can improvise a paddle for your boat if you have lost hold of your own by using a long stick (which resembles a fork) and taping the “fork” part with loads of tape. That will certainly get your boat on the road.

76. Make A Hammock

You can make a hammock to relax in by using sticks, poles, and duct tape!

duct tape survivals

77. Reattach Shoe Sole

It’s one of the worst feelings to have the sole of your shoe fall off or break. However, luckily for all of us, duct tape can be of assistance for this purpose. You can reattach your shoe sole with duct tape, not only will it stay steady for some time, but it also won’t let any water or intruder inside your shoe.

78. Fix Ripped Gloves

When Gloves get ripped, the best thing to do is buy a new pair. However, that might not be possible in the wilderness. A few strips of duct tape will help your gloves continue to be useful for a period of time.

79. Protect Against Ticks And Other Insects

By wrapping duct tape around the hem of your pants, you are ensuring protection against ticks and other insects.

80. Keep Snow Out Of Your Boots

You can keep snow out of your boots by wrapping duct tape around the pant leg above your boots. That way, you would stay drier and warmer.

81. Make A Leash For Your Dog/Pet

By creating a rope or cordage from duct tape, you can then adapt it to a leash in the situation where you are in the wilderness with your pet.

82. Secure A Broken Headlight/ Taillight On Your Car

Keep your car lights in place with duct tape.

83. Expand Vehicle Storage

You can attach additional containers to the top of your car by using duct tape without worrying you might lose them on the way.

84. Temporarily Fix A Car Belt

In case your car belt is torn or broken, you can either patch it up with duct tape or create a new one, again with duct tape.

duct tape arrow (1)

85. Hide Prepper Supplies

Hiding prepper supplies might be necessary if you are in your house and it gets broken into. You can hide your supplies under tables or on the walls of wardrobes and storage units by securing them with tape.

86. Fix A Leaky Bucket/Pot

A hole in a bucket or a pot is always an annoying experience. Luckily, a few layers of duct tape save the day.

87. Replace A Lost Or Broken Container Lid

If you have lost or broken the lid of any container, you can take care of it temporarily by wrapping the container with duct tape.

88. Repair Or Replace A Rifle Sling

Not many of us have a rifle and know how to use one, but if you’re one of those people and your rifle sling gets torn, we suggest using duct tape to fix the issue.

89. Make A Blowgun

You can make a blowgun by rolling duct tape into a cylinder to blow darts or other “missiles” through it.

90. Attach Ammo Or Lights To Your Blowgun

You can attach your ammo to your blowgun with a strip of tape.

91. Create A DIY Boat

For this purpose, you will need more than duct tape. However, it’s the tape that makes the whole. You will need wood, PVC pipe, saplings, imagination, and patience. Bear in mind the boat will be a temporary one.

93. Make A Torch

Wrap duct tape around a stick and light it on fire – you have a torch!

94. Protect Yourself From Snake Bites

Wrap duct tape around your shoes and pant leg to ensure additional protection in case a snake glides your way.

duct tape repairment

95. Pluck Feathers From Poultry

Use duct tape to clean any birds that you wish to prepare.

96. Build Snowshoes

To build snowshoes, you will need a lot of duct tape, as well as materials such as glue, a knife, a ruler, scissors, twigs, and wood. Knowing how to make them could save your life!

97. Remove Lint On Clothing

Simply stick the tape on the clothing and rip it away for fur-free experiences.  

98. Hang Security Lights

duct tape traces

If you wish to mark the area where you are bugging out, you can use duct tape to hang lights around your camping suite.

99. Repair A Waterbed

You can use duct tape to repair a waterbed and ensure a longer life span.

100. Hide In Plain Sight

This would be done by sticking leaves and perhaps garbage bags to your body so that when you lay on the ground, you would blend in with the surroundings. Ensure you are out of the way, so no one steps on you!

101. Protect Yourself From Volcanic Ashes And Gas

You can protect yourself from volcanic ashes and gas by using a drop cloth and duct tape. They will secure your doors and windows in an unfortunate event! And your air will have a better chance of staying clean.

Final Words

It’s absolutely fantastic to realize the numerous ways one could use duct tape for survival! We loved the journey, and we also love the fact that it gives you another level of security and tranquility while surviving in the outdoors. We advise you to stock a few rolls of duct tape in a few places, such as your home, your vehicle, your workplace, and your bugout location if you have one. We hope this article has given you the information you were looking for and more!

Happy Prepping!

Can You Protect Yourself From Snake Bites Using Duct Tape?

Wrap duct tape around your shoes and pant leg to ensure additional protection in case a snake glides your way.

Can You Reattach Shoe Sole Using Duct Tape?

It’s one of the worst feelings to have the sole of your shoe fall off or break. However, luckily for all of us, duct tape can be of assistance for this purpose. You can reattach your shoe sole with duct tape, not only will it stay steady for some time, but it also won’t let any water or intruder inside your shoe.

Can You Temporary Repair Of Leaking Pipes Using Duct Tape?

In case your pipes begin to leak and you have no way of giving them a proper fix, you can still fix them temporarily. You must dry the area around the leaking pipe (do not run water while fixing) and apply duct tape to the PVC pipe. The stronger you make the “bandage,” the longer it will hold.

Can You Leave A Message Or A Note Using Duct Tape?

As weird as it may seem to have to leave notes while in the wilderness, weird things always happen. If you are ever in a situation where you need to leave a message for someone, use a Sharpie and some duct tape. You can write the whole message on a piece of tape, or you could write letters on separate pieces to make it stand out.

Can You Fix The Strap Of Your Backpack Using Duct Tape?

If you experience the breaking of the strap of the bag which holds all your survival gear, don’t go into panic mode. Use duct tape to secure the strap. Be patient and make it as comfortable and strong as possible. Replenish if necessary, and don’t go crazy by using serious amounts of duct tape, as it’s stronger than you think.