Best Emergency Blanket – Reviews, Comparison And Advice

Jeremy Bowyer
Written By Jeremy Bowyer

Jeremy Bower is a generational survivalist and expert outdoorsman.

Safety first! That’s what every outdoors lover will say. If you’re someone that likes adventures and travels often, you have to be prepared for any situation. Make sure that if an accident happens, you have everything necessary to survive. A little preparation goes a long way, and one of the absolute essentials for your supply kit is a reliable emergency blanket. In today’s article, we’ve carefully selected the 10 best survival items on the market so that you are always warm and safe.

1. Go Time Gear Life Bivy


Have you ever thought about what would happen if you got stranded when a natural disaster occurs? You don’t have to worry about it anymore with the Go Time Gear life Bivy that will prepare you for life’s unexpected events. This ultra-light emergency bivvy is made of thick, puncture-resistant material that will protect you from rain, snow, and wind. Equipped with a para-synch technology paracord drawstring and survival whistle, this product has no competition. Life Bivy will protect you from hypothermia and keep you warm by reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you.


  1. Waterproof and windproof
  2. Lightweight and compact
  3. Withstands all weather conditions
  4. Comes with useful emergency equipment
  5. Doubles up as a bivvy


  1. On the pricey side
  2. Only one blanket

2. Prepared Emergency Poncho


It’s time to evolve to the newest level of protection from all the elements with this premium emergency poncho. During extreme situations, this product will retain 90% of your body heat, while the Mylar material will prevent hypothermia. Suitable for every season and every occasion, this survival gear will keep you warm and dry. This poncho is tear-resistant, durable, and reliable, and the best part is that it’s reusable so that you can use it season after season.


  1. Retains 90% of body heat
  2. Tear and puncture-resistant construction
  3. Works for every season
  4. Reusable


  1. Can’t be converted into a shelter
  2. On the pricey side

3. Vijoly Emergency Sleeping Bag


Don’t be the person that gets caught unprepared in an emergency. Grab this affordable emergency sleeping bag with a thermal blanket, a whistle, and a survival eBook. This essential survival kit will prepare you for worst-case scenarios while retaining 90% of your body heat with the Mylar thermal cover. Made out of lightweight and waterproof materials, this budget-friendly investment won’t disappoint. Get yours now, and be prepared for all weather conditions during each season!


  1. Retains 90% of your body heat
  2. Multi-functional
  3. Lightweight and compact
  4. Reusable and waterproof
  5. Very affordable


  1. Possible tear
  2. Requires careful cleaning

4. DON’T DIE Emergency


These emergency blankets are the perfect combination of durability and lightweight, making them ideal for hiking, camping, first-aid kits, and many more. Made with the highest quality material for survival situations, they come in a pack of four and provide extra space, so your body is fully protected. The Don’t Die emergency covers are the world’s toughest survival product that is a must-have in any first-aid or survival kit. Stash these beauties anywhere in your backpack and forget about ever being unprepared.


  1. Reflects up to 90% of body heat
  2. Waterproof
  3. Pack Of Four
  4. Nylon Carry Pouches


  1. Hard to fold back up
  2. A little pricey

5. Bearhard Emergency Sleeping Bag


Bearhard is a company that believes in providing rich experiences with durable and reliable outdoor equipment, and this emergency product is no exception. Thicker than most, this bivvy provides excellent all-around protection against leaking and tearing. Smaller than a can of coke and ultra-light, this amazing survival gear is tear-resistant and waterproof so that you and your loved one are always prepared for an emergency. The manufacturer uses sophisticated technology so that the color never fades away, and you can reuse it multiple times.


  1. Emergency whistle and carabineer clips
  2. Durable polyester material
  3. Reinforced aluminum inner layer
  4. Tear-resistant and waterproof
  5. Multiple options


  1. Hard to fold back up

6. Bearhard Emergency Pro


Bernhard’s emergency blanket Pro+ is one of the most advanced emergency covers in the market today. This heavy-duty product is ideal for any survival situation or natural disaster with its 5-layer materials. Rain or shine, cold or hot, it will have your back in all weather conditions. You can use this item as a footprint, a backpack cover, a poncho, an emergency shelter, and many more. Tuck it in your backpack and feel safe and secure, walking to the unknown.


  1. Heavy duty – 5 layer
  2. Waterproof and windproof
  3. 94% heat retention
  4. Multifunctional
  5. Reusable


  1. Thicker and heavier
  2. One product in a pack

7. Grabber Emergency Survival Cover


Be prepared for your next adventure with Grabber inexpensive thermal cover that will retain 80% of your body heat, help you prevent shock, stop bleeding, and restore breathing. This affordable survival gear is waterproof, windproof, and moisture-resistant while being portable and durable at the same time. Stow it easily in your backpack and provide yourself some peace of mind during your next outdoor adventures. Get this survival item to help prevent trauma in post-disaster situations.


  1. Lightweight and compact
  2. Windproof and waterproof
  3. Retains 80% of body heat
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Ultra cheap


  1. Possible tear
  2. One product in a pack

8. Arcturus Heavy Duty


Arcturus is an outdoor company that has developed a high-quality line of survival thermal covers. The Arcturus Heavy Duty is a must-have for hikers, campers, and boaters because it features a strong nylon outer layer coupled with an aluminum reflective layer on the inside to create a durable and robust product that reflects up to 90% of body heat. This all-weather blanket is lightweight and compact with many uses, such as a ground tarp, shelter, tent, and many more. It comes with four reinforced tie-down grommets that create a waterproof and windproof barrier that will protect you in extreme conditions.


  1. Thermal design that keeps you warm
  2. Windproof and waterproof
  3. Ultra lightweight
  4. Multi-functional


  1. On the pricey side
  2. Possible tearing

9. S.O.L. Heat Reflective


Give yourself a fighting chance for survival with this S.O.L. emergency blanket when an adventure in the wilderness takes an unexpected turn. Made from vacuum-metalized polyethylene heat sheets, it reflects 90% of your body heat to help you stay warm and protected. This survival gear is multifunctional and can be used as a ground cloth, gear cover, first aid cover, and more. More durable than most, this product is tear-resistant and perfect for extreme weather conditions, so don’t hesitate and get yours now!


  1. For extreme weather conditions
  2. Durable and ultra-light
  3. Reflects 90% of body heat
  4. Can be used as a shelter


  1. Doesn’t breath
  2. On the thicker side

10. Grabber MPI


The Grabber MPI is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures that will help prevent trauma and shock in post-disaster situations. It utilizes a four-layer construction of super-insulating materials that are sturdy and durable, ideal for extreme weather conditions. This multifunctional product can be used as a shelter, a ground cover, a table cover, and more. Prevent hypothermia with this moisture-resistant survival blanket that reflects up to 80% of body heat and keeps you prepared for all-weather elements.


  1. Retains up to 80% of body heat
  2. Can be used as ground cover
  3. For weather conditions
  4. Moisture Resistant


  1. Slightly heavier
  2. Smaller than others

How To Choose Your Emergency Blanket?

When deciding on the right emergency blanket, there are multiple features everyone should consider before purchasing one. The most important one is the material it’s made out of since that is what’s going to retain your body heat. Mylar is the most used material since it’s the cheapest, but keep in mind other materials may provide more comfort. Another essential feature is the length. Our advice is always to pick one large enough to cover a 6-footer.

Next on our list is durability, since the average one isn’t very thick, it won’t be very tough either, if you want a long-lasting product pick one made out of wool. If you’re putting up an emergency kit together, you’ll essentially have to carry a lot of items. That’s why you should think about weight when purchasing an emergency cover. Last but not least, always check if the options you’ve liked are waterproof and windproof to ensure that if you ever need to use it, your chances of survival are as high as they can be!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Emergency Blanket Work?

Known by most as space blankets, emergency thermal covers should be essential in everyone’s first-aid or survival kit. They are a must-have when you’re putting together an emergency kit because of their multipurpose. Their most important feature is that they will keep you warm by trapping your body heat to prevent hypothermia. You are already generating it, and the cover keeps you from losing it, all you have to do is wrap it around exposed skin and let the heat whisk you away.

What Is The Best Emergency Cover?

The Go Time Gear Life Bivy is what you need always to be prepared in case of an unexpected event. This excellent emergency blanket will keep you warm and alive in extreme conditions while sustaining most of your body heat to avoid hypothermia. Ultra-light and compact, the Life Bivy will protect you from rain, wind, and snow with the extra-thick tear-puncture-resistant polyethylene material is made out of. Stop overthinking and grab this impeccable and affordable survival item.

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Do Emergency Blankets Expire?

That depends on where the actual item is being stored. An unopened emergency cover should last at least a year. If you continue using your product after, you might notice it starting to deteriorate and fade due to the aluminum delaminating from the sheet. The short shelf life of survival covers is due to moisture, UV exposure, oxidation, and other factors that can destroy its capabilities. Before going outdoors, check if everything is fine with yours because you don’t want a destroyed one in case of a disaster.

How Long Do Emergency Blankets Last?

This question has multiple answers since everyone uses their thermal covers differently. The truth is that most of them can be reused, which means they can last for an extended period of time if you take good care of them. Under normal usage situations, one should last for many outings, maybe even a whole season. Just be careful when you’re folding them back so that they can last longer and can be reused more.

How Warm Are Emergency Blankets?

Emergency blankets are made to retain body heat. Most of the can retain 80 to 95% of it. As long as you use the survival cover with the shiny side in, you will be nice and warm, and you’ll never have to worry about hypothermia. Always be prepared for natural disasters and emergencies by adding a space blanket to your survival kit.

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Can Blankets Keep Things Cold?

In the same way space blankets reflect heat toward us, they can also reflect it away from us. For example, if you’re in a tent and the sun is shining through, you can put an emergency cover on top of it with its shiny side up. This way, the metallic surface will reflect the heat of the sun.

What Are Thermal Covers Made Of?

Usually, an emergency blanket is an especially low-weight, low-bulk item made of heat-reflective thin plastic sheeting, which is used for thermal control on the exterior surfaces of spacecraft. What that does is reduce the heat loss in a person’s body, which may occur due to thermal radiation, water evaporation, or convection. Mylar is the most popular material to use, but not the only one. Some can be made from wool, polyester, and other quality materials.

Can You Reuse The Space Blankets?

This question can get different answers, but in all honesty, an emergency cover can be used more than once. Even though most of them are meant to be disposable, you can still repeatedly use them if you fold them properly and keep moisture out. Outdoor enthusiasts use them for months, and homeless people might use the same one for years. So said simply, every product’s life depends on how you use them.

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Are Emergency Covers Waterproof?

Every smart survivalist should have an emergency cover in their first-aid and survival kits so that they can be prepared for any situation. That said, most quality items are waterproof and windproof to sustain heat for a more extended period. Being small and compact makes this item a popular product among outdoor enthusiasts and emergency workers.

Final Words

When we think about survival, food and water come first, which is natural, but to be able to preserve your body heat so that you can survive, is something that you should consider. Exposure can kill you in minutes if you don’t have a way to protect yourself. Don’t allow yourself and your family to be vulnerable without the proper equipment, especially since emergency blankets are cheap and easy to carry. Make sure that your survival kit is prepared for any emergency so you can be as well!

We would like to hear your opinion on the subject, and if there are any questions we haven’t answered, feel free to drop them in the comments below.