USurvivors.Org History was founded in 2016 and incorporated in California by the following members:

  1. Joel Bosch – Founding Member
  2. Heidi Bryan – Secretary
  3. Stan Collins – Vice President
  4. Margaret & Kevin Hines – Chair
  5. Sally Spencer-Thomas – Chair And Committee
  6. Eduardo Vega – Treasurer
  7. Ursula Whiteside – Vice Chair

UnitedSurvivors.Org was founded as national independent organization to serve as a refuge to people who have suffered in one way or another a loss due to a suicide.

United Suicide Survivors International was meant to help people who survived suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, and feelings. It was designed to offer help and counseling to their families and close friends and relatives as well.

Vision And Values’s mission was to help prevent suicides and raise suicide awareness and prevention efforts.

The final mission was to see a world where there no such organization was needed anymore – a world free of suicides and suicide attempts.

The following steps were needed to achieve this:

  • Inclusion – their work was about shared goals, not status or affiliation
  • Openness – True change requires a diversity of thought and action
  • Courage – The willingness to proceed in spite of the fear and rejection by others
  • Action – Recognition that communication and awareness are meaningless without direct action

Common Goals

The goal of is to assist those with lived experience in the transition of discovering their role as change champions and advocates.

To support the implementation lived experience international guidelines and best practice programs such the “Way Forward” and “Responding to Grief, Trauma, and Distress after a Suicide: US National Guidelines.”

To leverage the voices of lived experience to advocate for policy, system and cultural change

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