How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse ?

Jeremy Bowyer
Written By Jeremy Bowyer

Jeremy Bower is a generational survivalist and expert outdoorsman.

If you are a fan of all things Walking Dead and think the end is nigh, you may be waiting for the day the zombies turn up on our doorsteps. In fact, there’s no actual evidence that undead humans can’t start rising from the grave. If you think that one day you brain may be taken over by parasites that will turn you into real life corpses, it’s important to know how to prepare for disaster in the case of a zombie apocalypse happening.

zombie apocalypse

Getting ready for the zombie apocalypse doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Making your survival kit can actually be fun. Here we are going through some of the best tips you can use to live through a zombie emergency.

Learn How To Build A Fire

A big part of living through an apocalypse is knowing how to start a fire. A fire keeps you warm, well fed and safe from predators (even the walking dead ones!). There is loads of online content you can subscribe for and learn how to simply make and start a fire. The important part of making a fire in an undead emergency and learning new skills to live is knowing how to start the flames without matches or lighters.

Fire wood

In this case you may want to pop some flint or steel into your zombie survival kit, along with some sustenance and water of course. You can also read up on friction-based fire starting methods, as well as using a lens to focus sunlight on where you want your fire to start. Begin practicing now and be ready for the day the dead rise and take over the world.

Keep Drinking Water

The last thing you want to deal with when surviving a zombie apocalypse is a stomach bug. Avoid this catastrophe by boiling your water before drinking it. Boiling your water for just one minute can eliminate all waterborne illnesses. Any survivalist worth their salt will also think about including water cleaning packets in with their survival kit.

Foraging For Food

You may have make an escape from an undead apocalypse at the last minute, meaning you leave the content of your fridge and cupboards behind. Food is vital for survival, so one of the biggest tips you can take from this post is understanding foraging techniques. There are a lot of plants out there in the wild that can be your friend or your foe. Pull up an image of the flora and fauna in your region, as well as the fungi too. Learning all of this content means that you won’t end up making poisoned salad for lunch during a zombie apocalypse.


Learn Fishing Skills

One thing a zombie crisis won’t effect is the amount of fish you can catch (unless the virus affects the water). Fishermen will have one up on the rest of the survivors because they have access to a constant food supply. Say goodbye to the image of fishing on a peaceful riverbank. This is all about knowing the location of best fish and catch them quickly to keep you well fed until doomsday comes.

Take Care Of Your Campsite

When the zombie emergency happens it’s more than likely that you will end up leaving your home and making camp somewhere safe. The best place for escaping a zombie is high up, where you can see them coming. Remember that a zombie doesn’t sleep so you must make sure you have somewhere safe that is out of harm’s way to recharge your batteries.

Having an untidy campsite can not only attract zombies but wildlife as well. Try not to set up a campsite where you know danger might be near, and keep food (so in a zombies case – yourself) out of smelling range.

Map Reading Skills

Living through the zombie crisis and coming out the other side means you need to have a good grasp of your bearings. Knowing map reading skills at this point is crucial. Your phone’s won’t work anymore, and GPS will be something of the past as phone towers and satellites stop working altogether. Mountainous regions have long been hailed as the best place for hiding from zombies, so knowing and understanding topographic maps could mean you have the upper hand on where is best for camping during the emergency.

emergency candle abd map

Train In Endurance

Your weapons have run out. There’s nothing else around to help you survive. So what’s your next option? Run! The typical zombies we see in the movies are usually slow so you can easily outrun them to survive. Try training in endurance and run for longer periods, making sure to pick a trail with obstacles on the ground so you know how to clear these easily. The longer you can run without getting tired, the more chance you have of surviving this disaster.

Climbing Up High

There are skills like climbing that a zombie just can’t do. They don’t have the physical competence or mental capacity to grasp climbing. But we do. So if you make it to a cliff, the last thing you want is to be grasped by a crippling fear of heights. Use that height to your advantage and take the opportunity to escape.

Channel Your Inner Archer

Weapons are a big part of surviving a plague of zombies. Guns run out of bullets and knives require you to get up close and personal with the undead. So what’s the best option here? It’s simple. Get a bow and arrow. This weapon could be the key to keeping you alive. It’s practical and doesn’t take a lot of time to learn.

Bowhunting will definitely experience a revival during the apocalypse, although we’re sure the news will be overshadowed by other goings on in the world. Arrows are retrievable once used making them a sustainable source of ammunition and being able to shoot accurately can get you out of quite a few sticky situations.

The Ultimate Escape

There are a huge amount of different skills you can plan to learn so you can survive a zombie attack. Forget your house, belongings and even other people. Survival comes down to being selfish, and it’s human nature to do what’s best for us before helping others. Think about where you live. Is it snowy? Is it high up? How would you escape if a hoard of the undead started to come towards you. Look at the science behind the art of survival, read a few interesting guide articles on how to plan for this situation and most of all – make sure you live!


How Do I Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

  • Swot up on your survival skills
  • Get somewhere safe away from any imminent attacks
  • Keep drinking water and keep the food supply strong
  • Find a decent weapon to protect yourself with

Which Country Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

The countries most likely to survive through an apocalypse involving zombies are the barren and cold ones. The best country that would probably come out on the other side pretty unscathed is actually Australia. They have a low population density with huge land barriers that make excellent hiding places. It also has ocean surrounding it on all sides, acting as the world’s biggest moat.


What Is The Best Weapon For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Guns run out of bullets and knives require you to get too close. The best weapon in this situation is a bow and arrow. Arrows are retrievable and reusable and you can stay far away from any zombie and still destroy them.

Final Words

Whether Zombie Apocalypse is fictional or a real thread we all know that whatever you call them zombies exist, so we better stay prepared and aware in these turbulent, Armageddon days. So let`s prepare our survival arsenal and train our skills so we can be sure that we and the people around us will always stay safe

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